Can You Play Lethal Company Solo?  – Answered

Can you survive alone?

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Lethal Company is a game where you search for scrap while trying to avoid being scrapped. But can you play Lethal Company solo?

Can You Play Lethal Company Solo?  – Answered

While nearly every game in existence can be played solo, to varying degrees of difficulty, Lethal Company is one game that proves to be truly punishing if you want to strike it out on your own. But, yes, you can play Lethal Company solo.

To do so, you just need to boot up Lethal Company and select ‘LAN’ instead of Online. On this new screen, select ‘Host Game’. You’ll load onto the ship. From here, you can approach the ship consoles and press ‘E’ to start the game.

Press ‘E’ again to stop searching for other players, and you’ll load onto a planet by yourself. Because you’re on a local server, no randoms can join your game even if they wanted to. From there, you can search the desolate worlds for resources.

And as someone who prefers to play solo, particularly survival horror games like Lethal Company, I can understand the appeal. A game is much more terrifying when you’re facing an unknown, hostile environment by yourself. But Lethal Company is a game that wants you to die, and getting the resources you want and need is significantly harder when going it alone.

You can increase your likelihood of survival by ensuring you buy a shovel, to ward off at least some monstrous threats, and playing conservatively. A flashlight is also a good idea, to avoid Head Crabs or Snare Fleas, which enjoy hanging on the ceiling close to your skull. Likewise, staying mobile and taking advantage of your environment is always a good idea. Put obstacles like railings and ladders between you and threats to try to live and see another day.

But don’t forget to hit that quota!

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