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Can You Breed Phoenixes in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Find out if you can breed the rarest magical beast

by Madison Benson
Can You Breed Phoenixes in Hogwarts Legacy

Phoenixes are the rarest magical beasts in all of Hogwarts Legacy. With this in mind, wanting a bunch of them flying around your Vivarium is a sight to behold, but this raises a question: Is this possible? Can you breed your phoenix and get a bunch of tiny, adorable baby birds? If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover whether you can breed phoenixes in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Can You Breed Phoenixes in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you’ve progressed far enough into the story to head into the Phoenix Mountain Cave, climb to the top and catch your first phoenix, you may notice something: You only have one phoenix! To breed any animal in the game, you need two of the same species and a breeding pen. From here, you go into the Breeding Pen menu, select the species and wait until the process finishes. You’ll end up with a smaller offspring version of the beast, which you can gather resources from and care for.

With that in mind, what’s the issue? You need two phoenixes to breed them. Since you only get one phoenix from the quest location with no dens or other spawn locations, it is impossible to get any more in the base game. In other words, you can’t breed phoenixes.

Your phoenix is destined to live a life as the only one of its kind. Despite this, you can still house it with other beasts to make it feel less lonely. It’s just impossible to get a dozen tiny phoenixes flying around.

Having only one phoenix and not being able to breed them also means you only have one to gain resources from, making phoenix feathers a rare material. All the more reason to feed and take care of the little guy!

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