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How to Complete Solved by the Bell Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Ask not for whom the bell puzzle tolls, it tolls for thee

by Grant Testa

Hogwarts Legacy is full of puzzles that vary in their degrees of difficulty. One of the more challenging conundrums in the game is found in the “Solved by the Bell” quest, which provides players a with treasure map decorated in bell drawings, then sends them on their merry way without any instruction on how to complete the musical mission. Here is the exact way to complete “Solved by the Bell,” including where to find the elusive bells and their corresponding puzzle solution.

Solved by the Bell – Explained

“Solved by the Bell” will begin when you find the Musical Map in Henrietta’s Hideaway. The only task featured in the quest states “Use the Musical Map to find the Treasure.”

If you need to access the map again, it can be found in the “Quest Items” section of your Inventory.

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Where is the Solved by the Bell Puzzle Located?

Using the Musical Map, “X” marks the spot at Clagmar Castle, a location on the Clagmar Coast, which has its own Floo Flame, as pictured above. The only problem with completing “Solved by the Bell” is that Clagmar Castle is swarming with dark wizards, including Silvanus Selwyn, who is the antagonist of the “Sacking Selwyn” quest, which has a recommended player level of 37.

While you can complete “Solved by the Bell” without defeating Silvanus Selwyn, it makes sense to dispatch the dark wizard and his many allies before continuing to finish the treasure hunt. I personally found that stealth is highly useful during “Sacking Selwyn” rather than a “wands blazing” approach.

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How to Finish “Solved by the Bell”

After fighting or evading Selwyn and his gang, you can find the bells that correspond to the ones on the musical map in plain view at Clagmar Castle. There are five bells on the left and four bells on the right side, forming a total of nine bells. In order to solve the puzzle, you must use your basic cast on the bells in the correct sequence. You complete the bell puzzle as quickly or slowly as you like, but you must hit the bells in the correct order. The sequence is as follows (and can be seen in the pictures below):

First, hit the bottom bell on the right side.

Second, hit the middle bell on the left side.

Third, hit the second bell from top on the left side.

Fourth, hit the second bell from top on the right side.

Fifth, hit the middle bell on the left side.

Sixth, hit the top bell on the left side.

Seventh, hit the top bell on the right side.

Eighth (and lastly), hit the second bell from top on the right side.

Once you have played the bells in the correct order, they will repeat and ring a quick tune, revealing that these notes comprise a snippet of John Williams’ Harry Potter theme music. After the song plays, a chest will appear next to your witch or wizard, and opening it will complete the “Solved by the Bell” quest.

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