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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel January 2020 SHIFT Codes

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been having a great time kicking around in Borderlands 3 but you’re wanting a bit of a change of pace, we don’t blame you. Moxxi’s Heist has been amazing to toy with, but once that’s done and you’re gazing down the barrel of more Guardian Rank grinding, it might be wise to crack into something else instead. Lucky for you Vault Hunters out there, Gearbox is giving out Borderlands The Pre-Sequel January 2020 SHIFT codes so that you can snatch up some items while giving that title a hoon instead. 

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel January 2020 SHIFT Codes

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel isn’t one of our favorite entries in the franchise just because everyone has the best accents. It’s a genuinely fun romp, and you’re going to recognize some familiar faces there who have shown up in Borderlands 3 to huge aplomb, like Aurelia. If you haven’t cracked into it in some time, why not use this lull in content to do so?

The official Borderlands Twitter account has announced SHIFT codes that Vault Hunters can redeem on various platforms for 5 coveted Golden Keys per code, and these will be valid until 27 January. We’ve grouped them below by platform and also noted down the relevant SHIFT codes. If you aren’t sure how to redeem this or how to set up an account to do so, we’ve got a guide on that more generally that you can look at.

  • Xbox One and Xbox 360: WW5J3-3X3BW-XRF3R-CRJJB-6ZFR5
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3: C5KJJ-K6TXZ-99BCJ-HB5BT-JH6R3
  • Linux:  WW5J3-3X3FX-TKB3J-BJJJB-6ZFBZ

Now that you’ve got our Borderlands The Pre-Sequel January 2020 SHIFT Codes to refer to, why not enter one for yourself and see if you get something rad from our Gearbox overlords to kick off your working year? If you need a hand with something in Borderlands 3, then we’ve definitely got guides and tips galore for you to fall back on here: