Borderlands 3 Room Decorations Guide

Wanting a little piece of home in the vastness of outer space? Our Borderlands 3 room decorations guide might help you spruce up your surroundings a little bit.

Trying to carve out a little slice of home amidst all the, well, slicing and dicing that you’re doing in Borderlands 3? We get it. It’s not easy being a Vault Hunter, and sometimes you just need some R&R in a place that you think you can call your own and a Psycho’s old portable toilet just isn’t going to do the trick.  Here is our Borderlands 3 room decorations guide to help ease the way.

Borderlands 3 Room Decorations Guide

So, if the idea of having a base of sorts that you can actually customize is alien to you, then you probably haven’t yet been acquainted with the fact that your character can possess a room on the Sanctuary to call their own. Granted, your customization options are a little bit limited, but at the end of the day you can still carve out a space that fits your aesthetic. 

The room that belongs to your Vault Hunter on Sanctuary is already furnished, and it comes with some hooks for you to hang up your decorations. You will also be able to display some particularly cool weapons if you wish – a bit like your cottage in Breath of the Wild. You will be able to mount your weapons in areas that look like black squares. 

On the matter of these Borderlands 3 room decorations, however, as you only have three slots, you’re going to want to make them count. You can acquire decorations from side quests and chests, though the most exclusive ones (and dare we say it, the best-looking ones) are obtained from Crazy Earl using Eridium, much like the best emotes. No matter how you acquire these decorations, the method of putting them up is the same – interacting with the display hooks in your room and selecting which individual decorations should be shown off. 

Now that you have our Borderlands 3 room decorations guide in your hands, making use of your personal space should be pretty easy. Do you need a hand with anything else about being a Vault Hunter? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your benefit:

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