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How to Emote in Borderlands 3 on the PS4

by Ginny Woo

Maybe you’ve been cracking into Borderlands 3 recently and you’ve been enjoying looting and shooting your way through the galaxy. Or maybe you’ve gotten a taste for cosmetics after trying out the Christmas shift codes that we posted. Either way, you wanna show off a little, and why wouldn’t you? Calling all accomplished Vault Hunters – here’s how to emote in Borderlands 3 on the PS4.

How to Emote in Borderlands 3 on the PS4

So, you’ve got the PlayStation 4 version of Borderlands 3, and you’re not sure how to use emotes. You can buy some premium ones using Eridium from Crazy Earl to fully convey the proper breadth of emotions being experienced by your Vault Hunter at any given time, but the important thing is probably how to use them.

You’ll be given four base emotes when you start Borderlands 3, and can only have four equipped at a time even though you can buy more. To equip your emotes, regardless of console, head to a Quick Change machine and head to the emote menu to equip the poses that you want. Once you’ve got that sorted, you’re probably now wondering how to emote in Borderlands 3 on the PS4. 

It’s pretty simple. Sony console owners just need to hold down the Options button. If you just single press it, you’re not going to pull up the emote dial, so make sure it’s a long press. Once you’ve done this, a radial wheel will become visible with your four chosen emotes. Now, select the one you want with the left analog and press A when prompted, which will make your character emote. There, easy as pie! You’ll even get a nice zoomed out view of them doing it for maximum effect. 

Now that you know how to emote in Borderlands 3 on the PS4, if you’ve got Eridium to burn then head over to Crazy Earl to pick up some expressions with flair to express your frustrations when you’re grouped with idiot mates. Need a hand with anything else about being a Vault Hunter? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:

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