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Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary Guide

by Ginny Woo

While we’re still hanging out waiting for the March 26 drop date of the latest Borderlands 3 DLC, we’re trying our best to stay occupied. Well, what would a looter shooter be without looting and shooting? If you’re someone who is wanting to pick up weapons and to have a rollicking good time, we would definitely recommend cracking into farming for Legendaries. One of the best is this particular pistol, so check out our Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary guide for tips on how to get it.

Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary Guide 

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to pick up the Hellshock, we actually reckon that it’s one of the better elemental weapons out there. And yes, it always has a chance to spawn as elemental, two combined types specifically. If you think that you’re a little bit short on Shock weapons or Incendiary weapons, then this Legendary might well sate your needs. The Hellshock Legendary pistol is a Maliwan make, and it has the following special weapon effect. It is called “I had not thought death had undone so many,” and it means that the Hellshock always spawns as Incendiary and Shock, and projectiles will bounce once in a way that makes them swap elements after first impact. This will let you do double damage to enemies who are weak against these elements, almost with an unnerving level of efficiency.

The Hellshock is handy especially when it comes to dealing with shielded enemies, which is incredibly handy. If you’re wondering about the reference for the special weapon effect, it comes from Dante’s Inferno, which we only think makes it cooler. If you’re wanting to try and get your hands on it, though, you may find it slightly frustrating that there isn’t just one particular boss that you can farm to get this Legendary. Unfortunately, it can be acquired from any loot source, which means anything from a toilet to once you’ve kicked in the teeth of a local monster. However, farming bosses is something that we’ve definitely familiar with, and we would recommend the Graveward for that (which we have a guide for right here). Now, yes, happy hunting!

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to get the Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary, it should be a tiny bit easier for you to actually pick up this particularly devastating elemental weapon. We can always do with something that adds a little sizzle and shock to our lives, so why not pick up this one if you haven’t managed to nab anything else on Hammerlock’s wedding registry for the big day? If you need a hand with anything else in Borderlands 3 to do with Vault Hunting, why not check out some of the other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your reference in our dedicated hub for the game?

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