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Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC – What We Know

by Ginny Woo

We’ve been waiting patiently all week for the mere mention of the next wave of Borderlands 3 DLC and guess what? Gearbox has answered our prayers this PAX East weekend and finally announced the latest in content that it’s going to drop. We’re talking eldritch horrors, returning community favorite NPCs, and best of all…. marriage? Yes, that’s right. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC – What We Know

Let’s crack into some of the salient information first. Yes, the next DLC pack for Borderlands 3 is called Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock. After the success of Mad Moxxi’s heist, to say that we’re excited is definitely an understatement. We’re really stoked for the happy couple, and it looks like the DLC is going to make sure that none of us miss out on the true wedding experience, lethal engagement and all. The new location that Vault Hunters will be introduced to in the DLC is called Cursehaven, and it appears to be appropriately named since we’ll be facing down cultists, Vault Monsters, and other incredibly unholy enemies. Sounds fun, no? Best of all, the DLC is going to drop on March 26 so it’s pretty close!

If we’re talking characters, then not only will we be getting an intimate look at Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jacobs, but Borderlands 2 favorite Gaige and Deathtrap will be showing up as well for the festivities. It’s always the more the merrier when it comes to marriage, right? On top of that, we’ll see some other additions to Borderlands 3 including:

  • New Legendaries
  • New Class Mods
  • New cosmetics

Now that you’ve pipped the latest on the Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC we hope you’re as excited as we are to take part in what will surely be a saintly celebration of matrimony. We reckon it’s about time, and we’re definitely stoked to see some returning Borderlands 2 characters joining the already-colorful cast. We don’t have TOO long to wait until March 26 rolls around so we’ll be eagerly farming up weapons in celebration of the happy couple until then. Need a hand with anything else, Vault Hunters? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your convenience:

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