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Borderlands 3 Ruby’s Wrath Guide – Legendary Weapon

by Ginny Woo

While we’re all gearing up for the next bit of Borderlands 3 DLC and enjoying the introduction of the increased level cap, now’s probably a good time for everyone to be stocking up on Legendary weapons of all kinds. We’ve just experienced some buffs to key Legendaries that Vault Hunters might want to add to their deadly arsenals, and one such weapon which has gotten a nice tweak is the Borderlands 3 Ruby’s Wrath Legendary rocket launcher. Here’s what we know about how to get it. 

Borderlands 3 Ruby’s Wrath Guide – Legendary Weapon

If you’re wondering why Ruby’s Wrath is rearing its head now, well, we’ve got some news for you. The latest Borderlands 3 hotfix included some buffs to this weapon which greatly increased its damage and also greatly reduced the cooldown of Singularity Grenade. If you’re looking for more information on the other weapons buffed by that hotfix, we’ve got the lowdown linked right here for your convenience. However, more about this good ol’ girl. This Atlas rocket launcher has the special weapon effect called “No one can escape” which will reduce movement speed, and it means that the launcher will shoot out 7 missiles per round. If you put it into Alternative Fire mode, it’ll fire a grenade that sucks in enemies for 8 seconds and if you shoot during that particular triggered moment, your missiles will tag enemies that you’ve sucked in. Yes, we’re talking about tracking capabilities. Neat, huh?

The single-target damage that Ruby’s Wrath is capable of is clearly off the charts here. Luckily enough, if you’re wondering whether it’s tough to get your hands on one of these, it’s really…. not all that difficult. Ruby’s Wrath can drop from any random loot source on Pandora and beyond but it has an increased drop chance when it comes to Chonk Stomp in Floodmoor Basin in Eden-6. Our recommendation would be to beat down that boss until you pick up this Atlas hot topic for yourself, so go give that scaly thing a butt-kicking until it spits out a rocket launcher! It’s just gonna take time.

So now that you have our guide to the Borderlands 3 Ruby’s Wrath Legendary weapon, it should be easy enough for you to get your hands on this particular rocket launcher. It’s prime Atlas merchandise, and considering that it drops from that one particular boss more consistently, we reckon it’s not too hard to farm as long as you’re dedicated. Need help with anything else in Borderlands 3? Why not check out some of the guides that we’ve got for you in our dedicated hub for Gearbox’s title?

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