Borderlands 3 Maggie Guide – Getting This Legendary Pistol

Got some time for some good, old-fashioned looting and shooting? You can't go wrong if you pick up the Borderlands 3 Maggie Legendary pistol, so here's how to do so.

Trying to cobble together things to do while you wait for the next wave of Borderlands 3 DLC content? Well, you’re definitely not alone. After the standing ovation that the community gave the Mad Moxxi DLC, it’s no surprise that we’re once again clamoring for more and it’s, well, been some time since Broken Hearts Day. We’re ready for more! However, while Gearbox has us sitting on our hands, it’s time to get back to some good, old-fashioned looting and shooting fun on Pandora and beyond. Weapon collections, rejoice! Here’s our guide on how to get the Borderlands 3 Maggie Legendary pistol. 

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Borderlands 3 Maggie Guide – Getting This Legendary Pistol


So, why might someone want to pick up the Maggie Legendary pistol? Pretty simple, really. This Jakobs pistol has a special weapon effect which basically makes it lethal at a close range. It’s called “Monty’s wife don’t take no guff” and this will make it fire 6 bullets per shot, with decreased accuracy and damage per shot. It also has a bigger magazine size and increased critical hit damage. Because of its decreased accuracy, we wouldn’t recommend trying to sharpshoot with this – it’s up in your enemy’s face or nothing. We reckon it basically packs enough firepower to rival a shotgun if you’re using it the way that, well, someone other than God intended. Gearbox veterans will likely recognize this weapon from Borderlands 2, so collectors who value nostalgia in their prizes will want one too. 

Now for some bad news. Unfortunately, the Maggie Legendary pistol isn’t something that you can just farm one specific boss for. Well, you can farm one easy boss over and over as a loot source (we would recommend Graveward) but there’s no one boss that has an increased drop rate for this weapon specifically so you could just as easily find it while out and about somewhere. You’re just going to have to have patience on your hunt for this particular weapon. 

Now that you have our guide on picking up the Borderlands 3 Maggie Legendary pistol, that’s one more thing that you can add to your arsenal of things that kill other things pretty well. Look at that! There’s still plenty to do in Borderlands 3 while we’re waiting for the next wave of DLC content so don’t just sit around doing nothing. Go and do all the looting and shooting that you were meant to! If you have any questions about Vault Hunting, feel free to check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your convenience:

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