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Borderlands 3 Warlord Legendary Weapon Guide

by Ginny Woo

While we’re eagerly awaiting news of the next Borderlands 3 DLC to grace the community, we’ve been catching up on spreading the word to our mates about things like the recent Broken Hearts Day event as well as more information about the Season Pass so the whole squad can be ready for the upcoming content drop. In the meantime, however, why not make good on the part of Gearbox’s franchise that’s all about, well, looting and shooting? We reckon it’s about time for an assault rifle upgrade, so check out our Borderlands 3 Warlord Legendary weapon guide to figure out how to make this killer yours.

Borderlands 3 Warlord Legendary Weapon Guide

So you’re wanting to figure out why you might want the Warlord? Well, this Legendary Dahl assault rifle has one particular weapon effect which we reckon is pretty worth it if you’re wanting a new candidate to fill the Useful Bullet Hose hole part of your arsenal. Its special effect is called “My gun sings for your blood” (a Diablo reference, for those who love Easter eggs) and the gun has a 30% chance not to consume ammo when fired. Dope, huh? The Warlord has a chance to spawn without an element or as one of the following:

  • Corrosive
  • Incendiary
  • Shock

Another reason why we’re recommending the Warlord to you right now is that while it can drop from any loot source in the galaxy, it’s one of the weapons that has a corresponding boss with an improved drop rate on it. Yes, you heard that right. If you’re after this weapon specifically, and who wouldn’t be if they’re looking for something to chew through armor and shields, then you’re going to want to go over to the Jakobs Estate on Eden-6 and to farm Billy, the Anointed as many times as possible until this wretched soul drops the Warlord that your heart has been yearning for.

Now that you have our Borderlands 3 Warlord Legendary weapon guide to hand, picking up this particular assault rifle shouldn’t be too difficult at all, especially considering that it drops more frequently from good ol’ Billy. Do you need a hand with anything else related to the Vault Hunting business? Why not check out some of these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for those wanting a little primer in intergalactic killing?


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