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Borderlands 3 Heart Breaker Guide – How to Get This Weapon

by Ginny Woo

As we’re winding down on Broken Hearts Day, those who are wanting to pick up Valentine’s-themed items in Borderlands 3 are probably realizing that there’s a bit of a limit on how much smoochy content we can stand. If you’re looking to get your hands on the Borderlands 3 Heart Breaker weapon, then maybe pick now to do it before your violent declaration goes out of fashion. 

Borderlands 3 Heart Breaker Guide – How to Get This Weapon

So, you want the Heart Breaker. Luckily enough for those who don’t participate in or believe in the rort that’s Valentine’s Day, it’s actually a shootybang that’s available all year round and not just during the most cursed time of the year. It’s unfortunately named, sure, but you can get this particular Legendary whenever as long as you’re persistent. 

Why would you want the Heart Breaker? It’s actually a bit of a franchise classic – those who played Borderlands 2 might very well recognize it there, and it’s a Hyperion shotgun here that can spawn as one of the following elements: Cryo, Corrosive, Incendiary or Shock. What’s good about the Heart Breaker, you might ask? Well, if you like healing yourself by hurting other people, then this is definitely the weapon for you. 

The special weapon effect for Heart Breaker is called “I don’t want to set the world on fire” and is a reference to the Ink Spots’ song of the same name. This means that the Legendary weapon has a fixed projectile pattern and will heal you for a percentage of the damage that you do to others. This damage percentage is looking to be something like 5% of the damage value for the gun, and you’ll be healed per bullet. Talk about violent AND helpful!

Now, to get your mitts on the Borderlands 3 Heart Breaker Legendary, you’re going to need to have Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC. You’ve got a chance to get it from a random loot source in the overworld but the boss that drops this weapon with increased frequency is Gorgeous Armada in The Compactor on, you guessed it, Handsome Jack’s abandoned casino that you visit in the DLC. Alright, lonely hearts! Time to get farming. 

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