Best Way to Farm Scrap in Remnant 2 (August 2023)

Hunting for more than just table scraps.

Remnant 2 Sawblade Battle
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Scrap is the most useful resource you can collect in Remnant 2, being used in everything from shop purchases to crafting. It’s like money in the game’s world, and my god, do you ever need a lot. Given how much you need, you might be inclined to find the best possible way to collect some and get as much as possible. Here’s the best way to farm Scrap in Remnant 2.

Where to Farm Scrap in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Losomn
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If you want to farm as much Scrap as possible in Remnant 2, you’ll want to head to Losomn. A recent update increased the Scrap gain from destroying breakables, and Losomn is chock full of breakables. You’ll also get bonuses for opening chests and killing Aberrations, so you could benefit from running Losomn in Adventure mode and farming it up.

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Remnant 2 Scavenger's Bauble
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There’s a way to increase your gains further as well. The Scavenger’s Bauble amulet will increase all Scrap gains by 50%, as well as allow for automatic item pickup for nearby resources. If you don’t have the amulet yet, it can be found in the Widow’s Vestry location of Yaesha. There will be a Doe Shrine surrounded by bells in the location, which you’ll need to hit in the correct order to complete the puzzle. Doing so rewards the Scavenger’s Bauble.

How Much Scrap Can You Earn Through Farming?

If you do what we said and run Losomn with the Scavenger’s Bauble, then you can expect about 4000 Scrap each time you run a section of Losomn. If you don’t have the amulet, then you can expect about 2500-3000 Scrap for the same amount of effort. Remember that the breakables in an area reset when you leave, so you can leave and come back to score even more.

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