Remnant 2 Timekeeper's Jewel
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How to Get the Timekeeper’s Jewel in Remnant 2

Yeah, the name makes sense.

Acquiring new pieces of gear is the name of the game once you’ve finished the Remnant 2 story once. Now that you’re done with everything story-related, you’ll be focusing on building your character up and acquiring new pieces of gear to support that goal. With all that said, you may be wondering how to get this specific ring. Here’s how to get the Timekeeper’s Jewel in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find the Timekeeper’s Jewel Ring in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Hewdas Clock
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To get the Timekeeper’s Jewel ring, you’ll first want to make sure you have a run in Losomn, where the clock tower is in the region. If you’ve already completed a run-through and want to check for it, it’ll be the Hewdas Clock checkpoint in Losomn. If it’s not there, run Losomn in Adventure Mode and reroll until it spawns for you.

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Once you have a run where the Hewdas Clock has spawned, make your way through Losomn until you reach it. This will likely require you to progress the main path until you can get behind the big door leading to it, through an area such as the Cotton Kiln. Once there, ascend the tower using the outer wooden scaffolding to climb the tower. There will be a lot of Fae enemies sprinkled throughout the tower, so be ready for a fight. Once you reach the top, open the chest within to snag yourself the Timekeeper’s Jewel ring.

What Does the Timekeeper’s Jewel Ring Do?

The Timekeeper’s Jewel ring will increase the duration of any status effects you apply to your enemies, such as Burning, Bleeding, or Stasis. The increase is generally dependent on the status effect, but for the vast majority, it’s increased by 100%. Naturally, this makes it great for bossing when you’re running any sort of status effect build, like a Bleed build.

If you’re looking for some more rings to add to your collection, check out our guide on how to get the Hardened Coil Ring in Remnant 2.

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