Remnant 2 Hardened Coil Ring
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How to Get the Hardened Coil Ring in Remnant 2

Surprisingly multiple ways to secure it.

Rings in Remnant 2 are the bread and butter of any build, giving some fairly small stat boosts that can have a massive impact on certain builds. I couldn’t imagine running any build without certain rings, as things like increased health or increased stamina can make a major difference in whether you succeed or fail. One such ring is great for those who want to be the frontline for their squad. Here’s how to get the Hardened Coil Ring in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find the Hardened Coil Ring in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Root Nexus
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Contrary to most forms of loot in Remnant 2, the Hardened Coil Ring has two different places it can spawn. The first is in the Forgotten Field, where you first deal with a Root Nexus in Yaesha and help out a man trapped within it. It isn’t a reward for the fight, so you’ll just have to hope that it spawns somewhere in the Forgotten Field region.

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The other way to find the ring is while exploring the Imperial Gardens level. You’ll eventually come across a boss fight against two different enemies. Once you’ve defeated them, nearby will be a way to get beneath the ruins, where you’ll find the Hardened Coil Ring. Keep in mind that the double boss fight is pretty difficult, so you may need a friend to tag along.

What Does the Hardened Coil Ring Do?

The Hardened Coil Ring reduces your damage taken by 3% for every 10% of your health missing. This value maxes out at 15%, or when you’re missing 50% health. It isn’t a massive bonus to your damage reduction, but the number matters enough to earn a slot in any tank build. Combine it with increased max health, among other damage-reducing effects like Bulwark, and you’ll be unstoppable.

If you’re on the hunt for more rings, check out our guide on where to find the Bright Steel ring in Remnant 2.

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