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Where to Find the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

The perfect roll every time.

The Bright Steel Ring has a powerful effect that allows the wearer to ignore all the weight of their armor in Remnant 2, and that means maximum defense with the base evasion speeds. However, getting the ring itself is a much more confusing task compared to other items, and my guide will explain the process. Here’s how to find the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

You can get the Bright Steel Ring from Reginald “Reggie” Malone in the Ward 13 hub area. Reggie is a vendor that sells some consumables and a few different rings that boost elemental effects. You’ve likely already checkout out his inventory at the start of the game, and for most players, there is no steel ring to be found.

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The conditions for the Bright Steel Ring to appear at Reggie’s shop are still unconfirmed, but there are a few theories. Two of them involve taking down bosses. Some players theorized that defeating the final boss in Remnant 2 would make the ring appear, but that doesn’t seem reliable. Another guess was that defeating all the World Bosses twice would allow it to spawn like it did in the original game.

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A third theory is that the Bright Steel Ring appearing in Reggie’s shop is entirely random. There have been some reports that the ring can appear well before the final boss fight, and if that’s true, then the other theories no longer make sense.

My recommendation is to keep checking Reggie’s shop at Ward 13 when you can, or stop by each time you finish a major campaign area to see if any other items were restocked. With any luck, you can start evading with the heaviest armor possible.

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