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While they’re few and far between, the choices you make in Remnant 2 can have an immediate impact on what sort of reward you’ll get. They can also change entire boss fights and cause them to have entirely new mechanics or give you differing rewards. One of these choices comes during a particular main quest you can get in N’Erud, which can give two very different rewards. Here’s what choice you should make at Tal Ratha in Remnant 2.

Should You Kill or Be Eaten by Tal Ratha in Remnant 2?

When meeting Tal Ratha after finding his Soul Sparks, he will have a deep discussion with you about the nature of existence, free will, and the concept of immortality. This is a discussion he presumably gave many people from N’Erud before him. With this in mind, he gives you a choice between two outcomes. Either he can consume you for you to “become eternal,” or you can reject him, and he’ll be forced to kill you. Each of these ends in different boss fights and different rewards, so your choice can matter in the short term.

If you choose to kill Tal Ratha, you’ll deal with a fight in his chambers that isn’t too difficult but can mess you up if you aren’t careful. I got this fight done on my first try, though if you’re having trouble, make sure to save whatever stamina you can for its pull. It’ll mess you up otherwise. On the contrary, if you let him eat you, he’ll do just that (gross), and you’ll be forced to fight his Metaphysical form. This form is a little bit more difficult, but still is far from the hardest encounter in the game.

Due to the rewards, we advise going with the Kill choice. As you’ll see momentarily, the rewards for the Kill choice are better for far more builds than the Eaten choice.

What Rewards Can You Get From The Tal Ratha Encounter?

For killing Tal Ratha’s regular form, you’ll get the Spiced Bile material which you can take to McCabe to craft the Nebula handgun. This is essentially a miniature flamethrower, with seeker shots that can be sent out when activating its mod. When killing his Metaphysical form, you’ll get the Acidic Jawbone which can be crafted into the Gas Giant melee weapon. Its special involves infusing the weapon to do explosive damage with the Neutral Backdash Charge.

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