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Mutators Remnant 2
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There are tons of ways to increase your power in Remnant 2, and Mutators happen to be one of the best methods for customizing your weapons within the game. Each one has a special bonus that can enhance your build, and in this guide, I have the full list of Mutators for you to find around each world in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 – Full List of Mutators

Within Remnant 2, there are 13 Melee Mutators and another 17 for ranged weapons across both classes. Below you can find a full table for all 30 of these powerful items and the bonuses that they provided when attached to your weapons.

Mutator NameTypeEffect
BanditRangedOn a hit, grants a 10% chance to return spent Ammo directly into the magazine of this weapon.
Deadly CalmRangedContinuously Aiming increases Ranged Damage by up to 10% over 3 seconds.
DisengageMeleeMelee Strikes increase the damage of the next Backdash Evade Attack by 4%. Max 5 Stacks. Lasts 7.5 seconds.
MisfortuneMeleeIncrease Melee damage by 5% for each unique Negative Status the target is suffering from.
StrikerMeleeMelee Hits increase Melee Damage by 3% for 10 seconds. Max 5 Stacks.
SlayerRangedReloading increases the damage of this weapon’s next shot by 10%. Last 3 seconds.
LithelyRangedIncreases this weapon’s Reload Speed by 4% for each enemy killed between reloads. lasts 15 seconds Max 5 Stacks.
ExtenderRangedIncreases Magazine Capacity of this weapon by 20%.
WeaponlordMeleeBasic Melee Attacks increase the next Charge Attacks by 7% Max 5 Stacks.
DervishMeleeIncreases Melee Damage by 20% for 10 seconds when activating a Skill.
RefunderRangedShots from this weapon have a 20% chance to return Ammo to reserves.
ReinvigorateMeleeReduces the Stamina Cost of all Charged Melee Attacks by 25%
SteadfastMeleeCharged Melee Attacks cannot be interrupted and gain a 10% damage reduction from all sources.
BatteryRangedRanged Hits increase the next weakspot Hit by 10% per stack. Max 5 Stacks.
FailsafeRangedAttached Mod deals 10% additional Mod Damage.
HarmonizerRangedIncrease Mod Damage by 10%.
Ghost ShellRangedAfter 3 consecutive Weakspot Hits, increase the damage of the next Weakspot Hit by 20%.
ResentmentMeleeGain 10% Melee Damage when Grey Health is present.
Shield BreakerMeleeMelee Attacks grant a Shield for 2% of Max Health. Max 20%. Lasts for 10 seconds.
BulletweaverRangedMod use increases the Fire Rate of this weapon by 10% for 7 seconds.
FeedbackRangedUsing this weapon’s Mod generates 10% of single charge value as passive Mod Power over 10 seconds. Does not stack.
MomentumRangedWhen this weapon scores a Critical Hit, it increases Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 1.5% for 3 seconds. Max 10 stacks.
OverdriveMeleeMelee Critical Hits increase Melee Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 5% for 7.5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
SuperchargerRangedIncreases Charge Speed of Bows and Fusion Rifles by 10%.
TimeweaveRangedMod Use applies Slow status on all enemies within 7.5m for 5 seconds.
Vampire BladeMeleeIncreases Melee Damage by 10% while within 10m of a Bleeding entity.
Vengeful StrikeMeleeIncreases Melee damage by 20% when below 50% Max Health.
TransferenceMeleeMelee Hits generate 5% Ammo Reserves for both Firearms. Cooldown is 10 seconds.
Twisting WoundsRanged
Increases Ranged damage of this weapon by 10% to Bleeding targets.
TransposeRangedPicking up Ammo increases Ranged damage by 10% for 20 seconds.

Whenever you find a Mutator that you want to use in Remnant 2, it’s time to bring the item to Dwell within Ward 13. This vendor will help you upgrade all your Mutators at the cost of materials like Relic Dust, but it’s worth the price.

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