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Remnant 2: How to Farm Lumenite Crystals

Leave no crystals behind.

Although they may not be as rare as Simulacrum resources, Lumenite Crystals are nearly as important in the Remnant 2 upgrading process due to how many are needed. But a high volume of resources usually means there are easier ways to farm them, and in this guide, I’ll cover how you can start quickly collecting the crystals.

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How to Get Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2

You can get Lumenite Crystals from Cass in Ward 13 or by taking down Elite enemies throughout the Remnant 2 campaign. Of course, you want to save your Scrap for plenty of additional weapon upgrades, so farming the crystals is much more effective than buying them. As long as you have the Adventure Mode available, earning them won’t be difficult.

Any time you take down an elite enemy in Remnant 2, there will typically be a Lumenite Crystal as a reward. These enemies always have more intense music and are larger than the standard trash mob counterparts. In N’Erud, for example, the ghost-like enemies that possess mobs are considered elites. So are the Cyclops droids with laser attacks.

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To easily farm Lumenite Crystals from these Elites, the best option is to keep running through campaigns in Adventure Mode. When you use Adventure Mode, it resets the campaign in a given zone and rearranges all the enemies. This provides the perfect chance to farm Elite enemies on new routes.

How to Purchase Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2

Lumenite Crystals can be purchased from Cass at Ward 13 in Remnant 2. Each purchase will require 300 Scrap. That isn’t nearly as much as the 1,500 required for the Simulacrum resources, but you need far more crystals before upgrading your Dragon Heart.

I had a Simulacrum well before the 10 Lumenite Crystals needed for the initial Dragon Heart upgrade in Remnant 2. But as long as you’re saving scrap and farming Elite enemies, you will have all the crystals you need.

If you decide to start looking for rare resources, check out our guide on how to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2.

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