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How to Get Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Upgrade those relics.

Compared to the other resources in Remnant 2, Simulacrum is one of the most important due to the need for it on relic upgrades or the Dragon Heart. Like most rare resources though, these are tough to find, and I’ll outline exactly how you can pick them up in this guide.

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Where to Find Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Simulacrum can be purchased with scrap or found in areas like the Timeless Horizon on N’Erud. Considering free is always better in a game like Remnant 2, it’s better to find your resources so you can save your scrap. However, navigating the map is already difficult enough, and the supply of these resources is minimal.

The first Simulacrum I was able to find appeared after I completed The Putrid Domain. After I defeated the Abomination and entered the Timeless Horizon, I headed directly north on the path ahead of me. You will pass at least one station, and the second explorable station will have a Simulacrum to pick up.

How to Purchase a Simulacrum in Remnant 2

If you have the Scrap to spare, then you can also buy Simulacrum. These can be purchased from Cass at Ward 13. You will recognize her as your companion from the very start of Remnant 2, who has been healed and is now selling the resources you need most on your adventure.

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Each Simulacrum will cost 1,500 Scrap, so you should buy these whenever possible. Try to look for them on the map first, and then come back if you really need an extra upgrade to your Dragon Heart. But you’ll have far more Scrap for upgrades if you save.

As you collect more resources, make sure to read through our guide on the max Trait Points in Remnant 2 so you can prepare.

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