Best Fusion Breeding Combos in Palworld

Try these combos to get the best Fusion Pals.
Picture of Frostallion Noct Pal from Palworld
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Breeding can be extremely beneficial in Palworld. Though with over 25 combinations, it can be difficult to choose from. Read on to find the best combos.

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What are the Best Fusion Pals in Palworld?

Palworld presents a lot of opportunities for the play to create the best Paldeck possible. Breeding is one of them. You can combine two Pals of different strengths to make an offspring called Fusion Pals, which is the best of both worlds. Fusion Pals also inherit the appearance of both of the parents. Each of them is unique in elemental types and other traits, as compared to their parents and other Pals.

To start breeding, you need to build a breeding farm, which is unlocked when you reach Player Level 19. Place one male and one female Pal of your choice to produce a Fusion Pal. Some Fusion Pals have different breeding conditions. For example, Kelpsea Ignis and Wumpo Botan can be bred through several different Pal pairs. Also, another Pal called Jormuntide Ignis can only be obtained by pairing the same species together.

While there are over 25 combinations, some are more effective than others. Here is a list of 10 of the best Fusion Pals.

Hangyu Cryst

Hangyu Cryst can be created by pairing Hangyu with Swee. It is a Gliding Mount that has a relatively higher movement speed than other gliders and carries the player up high. You can increase the speed and decrease the stamina drain with each level. It has an Ice element and is a great choice for transporting and gathering tasks.

Ice Kingpaca

To produce Ice Kingpaca, breed Kingpaca and Reindrix. Having a carrying capacity boost, Ice Kingpacas are great for players who like to have a big inventory. When in the party, it can increase the player’s weight capacity by 100. It is a work-suitable Pal that is decent in combat as well and has the element Ice. Ice Kingpacas can also be used as a Ground Mount.

Blazehowl Noct

Blazehowl Noct can be obtained by breeding Blazehowl and Felbat together. It has Fire and Dark as its element types. Like the previous Pal, this is also a work-suitable Pal and adds to the items dropped by other Pals when they are defeated. So remember to summon it to your party if you’re running low on resources.

Eikthyrdeer Terra

When Hangyu and Eikthyrdeer are combined, Eikthyrdeer Terra is born. It is a Ground elemental Pal and has a partner skill that lets you ride it. It is a fast mount that can also perform a double jump. Eikthyrdeer Terras are decent in combat and pretty effective for lumbering tasks.

Pyrin Noct

Pyrin Noct is the offspring of Pyrin and Katress. It has the Dark elemental type, which is the strongest among the others. For that reason, it is better for combat than other tasks. When mounted, the player damage type is changed to Dark. With each level, you can increase the attack and defense capabilities of Pyrin Nocts even further.

Relaxaurus Lux

You can combine Relaxaurus with Sparkit to make Relaxaurus Lux. It is a captivating beast that has an Electric and a Dragon element. Its partner skill lets you mount it and fire a series of rockets that inflict massive electric damage. Most of its skills focus on combat, so it is a suitable choice for that.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis is born when two opposite-gender Pals of its species are paired together. It has a Fire and a Dragon element. Jormuntide Ignis can be mounted and has a partner skill that increases the damage of both the player and the Pal itself. It is also really capable of Kindling tasks.


To get Shadowbeak, you can breed Kitsun and Astegon with each other. Shadowbeak is a rideable Pal that has a Dark element type. Its partner skill can also increase the Dark damage dealt by the player. Shadowbeak is a great choice for transporting and gathering tasks.

Frostallion Noct

Frostallion Noct is one of the best Fusion Pals in Palworld. Combine a Frostallion with Helzephyr to have it in your Paldeck. Frostallion Noct has a Dark element and a partner skill that turns the player’s attack damage to dark-type. It can also be mounted and can travel through the skies swiftly. It can also be used for gathering tasks.


While Anubis is an Alpha Boss at Level 50, you can also achieve its presence in your Paldeck by breeding Quivern and Chillet. However, it is advised to do it after you have beaten the game to keep the climax exciting. Anubis is a Ground elemental pal and can increase the attack damage by a small amount. Albeit, where it really shines is in Crafting and Mining tasks.

There you have it. These are some of the best breeding combos currently in Palworld. It is always easier to find and capture the standard Pals to breed the stronger ones, instead of trying to catch the already-rare Fusion Pals in the wild. Every Fusion Pal is most effective in a specific type of task, such as combat, farming, and more. So be sure to keep experimenting to see which works best for you.

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