Best Fire Trailblazer Build in Honkai: Star Rail (July 2023)

The one game where Hoyoverse actually utilizes Defense Stats

Our Trailblazer is going to be quite a valuable asset in Honkai: Star Rail since they are able to switch Paths and Elements with a click of a button and then several more clicks to change out the Light Cone and Relics they are attached to. But while it may seem like a shot in the foot when it comes to your Trace Materials, building up the Trailblazer can help you in the long run. The Fire Preservation Build is probably one of the most fun playstyles I have when it comes to Honkai: Star Rail, so continue reading to learn of the best Builds for them.

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How to Use the Fire Preservation Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail

Switching the Trailblazer over to the new Fire Preservation option changes their entire style when it comes to playability and tactics in battle because they are now essentially your tank. For those who own Gepard, it’s going to be much of the same, except the Trailblazer can lure enemies’ attention by Taunting them with their Skill. This may not always redirect attacks to the Trailblazer once it’s used, but all attacks after the Skill is used will be then turned on the Trailblazer. So that your teammates can continue to deal damage and power up, you’ll want to always try to have the Trailblazer on Defense Mode. 

The Trailblazer’s Ultimate will then attack the enemies with an AOE Fire Attack. If they are in Defense Mode before they use the Ultimate, they will return to Defense Mode after their Ultimate is used. They also have two different types of Basic Attacks; one is a singular Fire Attack that will attack a single enemy while the other is an AOE Fire Attack that will strike one enemy and hit the other enemies next to that target in a fiery blast. The latter attack can be achieved by gaining charges whenever the Trailblazer is attacked by enemies in Defense Mode or first activating their Skill. 

But with all the enemies on the field wanting to attack your Trailblazer, you’re going to need a good build so that they aren’t falling due to all the attacks being redirected toward them.

Best Light Cones for the Fire Preservation Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail

There are quite a few options for the Preservation Light Cone on the Trailblazer since most of them will increase the Defense by 16% regardless, but here are the ones that are going to be their best option. Naturally, any Five-Star Light Cone is going to work great on a character, so Gepard’s Light Cone, Moment of Victory is going to be the Trailblazer’s best-in-slot. It increases Defense and Effect Hit Rate which will help with the Relic Set Stats you’ll see later in this article.

But of the Four-Star Light Cones, the best ones for the Trailblazer are going to be Trend of the Universal Market (especially if you enjoy having a more damage-heavy Trailblazer), Landau’s Choice, and This is Me!

  • Trend of the Universal Market: Increases the wearer’s Defense by 16%. When the wearer is attacked, there is a 100% base change to Burn the enemy. For each turn, the wearer deals DoT that is equal to 40% of the wearer’s Defence for 2 turns.
  • Landau’s Choice: The wearer is more likely to be attacked, and Damage taken is reduced by 16%.
  • This is Me!: Increases the wearer’s Defence by 16%. Increases the Damage of the wearer when they use their Ultimate by 60% of the wearer’s Defence. This effect only applies one time per enemy target during each use of the wearer’s ultimate.

Moment of Victory, Trend of the Universal Market, and Landau’s Choice can be found in the Permanent Warp Banner in Honkai: Star Rail, however, This is Me! Is a Light Cone that can only be retrieved from the Battlepass or Nameless Glory at Level 30. And you must pay for the extra rewards. So it’s not free, but it is one of the better Light Cones that are in the Battlepass in case you do purchase it. 

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Best Relic Sets and Set Stats for the Fire Preservation Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail

Relic Sets Knight of Purity Palace, Belobog of the Architects on Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

There are two types of sets that work well for the Trailblazer; Relic Sets will have an effect if you happen to have Two Pieces equipped to that character and additional effects if you happen to match Four Pieces of equipment to one character. Honkai: Star Rail also has an extra set with an Orb and Chain that’ll give your character a Bonus Effect to help build up your Main Stats or Add Bonus Stats to help round out your character build.

For the Fire Preservation Trailblazer, the best Relic Set is going to be Knight of Purity Palace. It has an effect that Increases Defense by 15% at two pieces, and at four pieces, it’ll Increase the Max Damage that can be absorbed by the Shield created by the wearer by 20%. 

The other set you can choose to equip onto your Trailblazer, in case you don’t have Four good artifacts from the Purity Palace Set, is to mix up the effects from either Purity Palace and another set called Guard of Wuthering Snow. It’ll reduce Damage by 8% at two pieces and, while its four-piece effect will help to restore HP and Energy for your Trailblazer, Purity Palace is generally better for your Tank-like build. 

As for the Main Stats for your Chestplate and Boots, you’re going to want to focus on Defense, Attack, or Speed. The Trailblazer does better damage and can survive against damage dealt their way whenever their Defense is higher. Thanks to the Trailblazer’s base build and Talent, their damage will also be based on a certain percentage of their Defense. So if you think your Trailblazer is lacking in attack, no worries because building into their Defense will also help with their damage output.

For the Orb and Chain, the best Relic Set is Belobog of the Architects where the Bonus effect will increase the wearer’s Defense by 15%. And when the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, the wearer will gain an extra 15% of Defense. Other good sets include Fleet of the Ageless and Broken Keel. 

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For substats, you’re going to want to focus on Defense Percentage, Speed, Energy Regeneration Rate, and Attack Percentage in that order of importance. You can go for Crit Stats as well if you’d like to do some additional damage. Your goal is to increase the durability of your Trailblazer while also ensuring they will be fast enough to use their Skill before enemies attack, that way they can draw away the enemies’ attention.

For more build guides, be sure to check out the other characters that we covered such as Asta and Serval. And there’ll be plenty more in the Honkai: Star Rail game tag just below this article so you can check out even more news on the game.

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