Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail (May 2023)

Your best bet for Breaking through an enemy’s defenses

Although Asta is one of the units you get for free in Honkai: Star Rail, you really can’t underestimate this girl. Not only does she attack multiple enemies with Fire attacks, but she can increase the speed of your teammates. As usual, Hoyoverse gives you your standard free Four-Stars to get your team on the roll, now let’s look at what best accessorizes her abilities. Here’s our best build guide for Asta in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to Build and Use Asta in Honkai: Star Rail

Since Asta is a Pathfinder of the Harmony, her abilities are meant to buff the party and help them gain the advantage in turn of battle. Specifically, she can raise the speed of the team so that they can take their turns faster in the rotation indicated by the icons to the left whenever you’re in formation. You may not think this is as good as other Harmony Pathfinders, but using Asta well in conjunction with other teammates that also slow down opponents can help you gain the high ground on your enemies or even allow you to go twice before their turn. 

Asta’s Ultimate is what boosts the Speed of her allies in battle, using this at the right time can allow you to get in another chance at attacking before the enemy has the chance to recover. Her Skill attacks the targeted enemy with Fire Damage and will attack other enemies in four additional attacks. This can be a great way to help break down multiple shields of Toughness if they are weak to it. Asta’s Talent that she carries into battle is that she increases her allies’ Attack by a certain percentage each time she attacks an enemy. So if you attack an enemy with her Basic Attack, her allies get one charge, if you attack with her Skill, then they get multiple charges that stack. To know how long the effect lasts, keep an eye on the buffs and debuffs on the characters just below their health and status. It’ll keep track of which characters still have the Increased Attack bonus as well as how many turns it will continue to last. 

Asta’s Best Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail

While you would think most Five-Stars would be a really good accessory to place on any character, I’m actually not convinced that The Battle Isn’t Over is the best option for Asta. Her Skill can be quite helpful in increasing everyone’s Attack and the buff of the Light Cone can add a Skill Point as well as increase Damage. But looking at some of the other Light Cones, these effects can be absolutely bonkers.

Carve the Moon is an incredible Light Cone that can change the buff depending on what it enters in with, an Attack Increase, Crit Increase, or Energy Regeneration Rate Increase. You also shouldn’t ever look down upon the Three-Stars. They are by far the easiest to level up and Superimpose because you’ll always have multiples of these. That can greatly affect a small Attack Increase into a huge one. But here are some of the best Light Cones you can place on Asta. Not organized by level of priority. 

  • The Battle Isn’t Over (Five-Star)
  • Memories of the Past (Four-Star)
  • Carve the Moon (Four-Star)
  • Mediation (Three-Star)
  • Chorus (Three-Star)

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Asta’s Best Relic Sets in Honkai: Star Rail

Asta has two primary sets that work really well with her, one being Thief of Shooting Meteor which will increase the Break Effect by 16% at 2-Pieces and will increase the Break Effect by another 16% as well as regenerate three energy each time Weakness Breaks on an enemy at 4-Pieces. Since Asta can attack multiple enemies and help break down their Toughness, this is a good set to keep on her that will deal greater damage against the shields and help reenergize Asta so she’s quick to use her Ultimate. 

The other set that is good for Asta is the Firesmith’s Obsidian Goggles. At 2-Pieces, this set will increase Fire Damage by 10%, and at 4-Pieces, it will increase the wearer’s Skill Damage by 12%, and after their Ultimate is unleashed, it’ll increase the wearer’s Fire Damage by another 12% for their next attack. This is a good Relic that sets up Asta’s ability to get her teammates and herself another chance in the battle depending on their speed and will even increase her damage so you can unleash another Skill attack before the enemy has their turn.

Asta’s Preferred Stats for her Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

For Asta’s Chestguard and Boots, you’re going to want to aim for either Crit or Attack Percentage for the main stats. On her two additional pieces, you can opt for Fire Percentage Boost as well as Energy Boost. These are the best Main stats for a high-attack build because Asta’s Buffs don’t really scale off any stat in particular. She doesn’t gain any boosts from focusing on Attack or Speed despite her providing such buffs, so it’s best to aim for a DPS sort-of build so that she can break through enemies all the easier.

For her substats, you’re going to want to focus on Attack, Crit, and Energy so that she can use her Ultimate as many times as she can to help your party gain more speed and Attack Buffs with her Skill. The fact that she can deal some serious damage to help out the team certainly doesn’t hurt either. 

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