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All Available Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

This is so weird…

by Jordan Lemons

Hoyoverse revealed quite a bit about their new upcoming game, Honkai: Star Rail in their livestream, but did anyone else get stumped at the mention of Light Cones? This peculiar aspect of the game seems to be something you’re able to pull for in their gacha system, while the Character Warps can also give you Event Warps. Here are all available Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail, listed.

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What the Heck are Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail?

Is there no way that I can get away from the Weapon Banner Curse that continues to haunt me?! As if the Genshin Weapon Banner weren’t already a joke all on its own, Hoyoverse dares to come up with another system called Light Cones. What are these?

Light Cones are the equivalent of the infamous Genshin Impact’s Five-Star Weapon banner, known for its branching paths to receive one of two Five-Star Weapons. But of course, if you had any prior experience with this beforehand, you can get any type of Five-Star weapon from that banner. So instead of getting one of the two that are shown on the banner, you may just get stuck with too many Amos’ Bows when you don’t even have or want a Ganyu! But, when you are gifted with two Five-Star weapons that are not the path that you set out on (your Signature Weapon of choice) then you are guaranteed that weapon when you get your next Five-Star. Yeah, you have to lose twice to get your weapon for sure. And the pity for the weapon banner? 80. Only 10 less than the exclusive character banners.

As you’ll notice in Honkai: Star Rail, characters will have their own exclusive weapons that are unique to them and cannot be changed or altered. So the way that Hoyoverse has decided to continue collecting different types of equipables that will boost the stats of your character. They are limited to being equipped to their matching Path typings, and can be leveled and ascended just the same as you would a weapon in Genshin Impact. 

They’ll each have their own unique Stat boosts and Passives that will provide an exceptional boost to your character. Said to contain the memories of a specific person, I don’t think it’ll be limited to equipping solely onto that person. Say you got Seele’s Five-Star Light Cone, if you don’t have Seele, you may still be able to equip this Light Cone with another Hunt PathFinder.

All Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail Listed (So Far)

Light ConeMemory HolderPassive EffectRarityPath
Before DawnJing YuanIncreases Crit Damage, Ultimate Damage, and Follow-Up Damage★★★★★The Erudition
Cruising in the Stellar SeaN/AIncreases Crit Rate and can Further Increase Crit Rate Against Enemies with Lower HP. Gains Attack for Defeating an Enemy for 3 Turns.★★★★★The Hunt
Echoes of the Coffin [TBU]Increases Attack. Allies Gain Speed After Wearer Uses an Ultimate. For Each Different Target Wearer Attacks, Recovers Energy.★★★★★The Abundance
In the Name of the WorldWeltIncreases Effect Hit Rate. If Wearer Deals Additional Damage, Increases Crit Rate.★★★★★The Nihility
In the NightSeeleIncreases Crit Rate. Gains Extra Speed, Increases Basic Attack, Skill Damage, and Ultimate Crit Damage based on Speed over 100★★★★★The Hunt
Incessant RainSilver WolfAt the Start of Wearer’s Turn, Targets Enemy with Aether Code. If Enemy is Inflicted with Break, Aether Code Will Self-Destruct, Causing Additional Damage Based on Wearer’s Attack. If Enemy has More than 3 Buffs, Additional Damage is Added Based on Wearer’s Attack.★★★★★The Nihility
Moment of VictoryGepardIncreases Defense and Effect Hit Rate when Attacking. Increases Change to Be Attacked by Enemies. Increase Defense with Each Enemy Attack Till the End of Turn.★★★★★The Preservation
Night on the Milky WayHimekoIncreases Attack Based on Enemies on the Field. Damage Increases when the Enemy is Inflicted with a Weakness Break.★★★★★The Erudition
On the Fall of an AeonN/AIncreases Attack when Wearer Attacks. If Wearer Inflicts Weakness Break on Enemies, Damage is Increased for 2 Turns.★★★★★The Destruction
Patience Is All You NeedKafkaDeals More Damage Over Time. With Every Attack, Speed is Increased and Enemies being Attacked will Take More Damage Over Time for 1 Turn. ★★★★★The Nihility
Sleep Like the DeadYanqingIncreases Crit Damage. When a Basic Attack or Skill does not Result in a Crit Hit, Crit Rate will Increase for 1 Turn. ★★★★★The Hunt
Something IrreplaceableClaraIncreases Attack. Restores HP Upon Defeating an Enemy. Damage is Also Increased Temporarily Until the End of Their Next Turn★★★★★The Destruction
Texture of MemoriesN/AIncreases Effect Resistance. If Wearer is Attacked Without a Shield, They Gain a Shield for 2 Turns Based on HP. ★★★★★The Preservation
The Battle Isn’t OverBronyaIncreases Energy Regeneration and Regenerates 1 Skill Point When an Ultimate is Used on an Ally. When the Ally Takes Action, Damage is Increased for 1 Turn. ★★★★★The Harmony
The Unreachable SideBlade Increases HP and Attack. Damage Increases with Each Attack Including Follow-Up Attacks.★★★★★The Destruction
Time Waits for No OneBailuIncreases Wearer’s Max HP and Outgoing Healing. Based on Healing, a Random Enemy will be Attacked Next Turn Based on 50% of the Healing Recorded.★★★★★The Abundance
A Secret VowArlanIncreases Damage Dealt. Increases Damage if Enemy has a Higher HP Percentage than the Wearer★★★★The Destruction
Carve the Moon, Weave the CloudsTingyunRandom Effect is Chosen Upon the Start of the Battle: Attack Increase, Crit Damage Increase, or Energy Regeneration Rate. Cannot be Stacked and are Replaced When Switched Out or Knocked Down★★★★The Harmony
Day One of My New LifeMarch 7Increases Defense on Wearer and Damage Resistance on Allies★★★★The Preservation
Eyes of the PreySampoIncreases Hit Rate and Damage over Time★★★★The Nihility
Good Night and Sleep WellPelaIncreases Damage Based on How Many Debuffs the Target Enemy Has★★★★The Nihility
Landau’s ChoiceServalWearer Becomes More Likely to be Targeted, but Damage is Reduced by 16%★★★★The Preservation
Make the World ClamorServalRegenerates Energy Upon Entering Battle. Increases Ultimate Damage★★★★The Erudition
Memories of the Past[TBU]Increases Break Effect. Regenerates Energy When Wearer Attacks★★★★The Harmony
Nowhere to RunDan HengIncreases Attack. Restore HP by a Margin When Wearer Defeats an Enemy★★★★The Destruction
Only Silence RemainsDan HengIncreases Attack. Crit Rate is Increased when Less than 2 Enemies are on the Field★★★★The Hunt
Planetary RendezvousAstaIncreases Damage when Allies Use Same Damage Type as the Wearer★★★★The Harmony
Post-Op ConversationNatashaIncreases Energy Restoration and Outgoing Healing of Ultimate★★★★The Abundance
Return to Darkness[TBU]Increases Crit Rate. Dispels Buff on Enemy Targets on Crit Hits★★★★The Hunt
Shared FeelingClaraIncreases Outgoing Healing. Restores Energy When Skill is Used★★★★The Abundance
SwordplaySushangDamage Stacks When Attacking the Same Enemy. Resets When the Target Changes★★★★The Hunt
The Birth of the SelfHertaIncrease Damage for Wearer’s Follow-Up Attacks. Damage Boost if Enemy is Below 50% Health★★★★The Erudition
The Mole Welcomes YouHookGains a Stack that’ll Increase Attack for Every Basic Attack, Skill, and Ultimate Performed by the Wearer★★★★The Destruction
This is Me!March 7Increases Defense and Ultimate Damage Based on 50% of Defense★★★★The Preservation
Today is Another Peaceful DayQingqueIncreases Damage based on Max Energy★★★★The Erudition
Warm Nights Won’t LastPelaIncreases Max HP. When a Basic Attack or Skill is Used, it’ll Restore a Margin of Allies’ HP ★★★★The Abundance
We Will Meet AgainSilver WolfAfter the user’s Basic Attack or Skill, it’ll trigger a random attack on an Enemy★★★★The Nihility
AmberN/AIncreases Defense, An Extra Defense Boost is Gained if Weilder’s HP is Lower than 50%★★★The Preservation
ArchivesN/AIncreases Ultimate Damage★★★The Erudition
ArrowsN/AIncreases Crit Rate★★★The Hunt
ChorusN/A[ To Be Updated ]★★★The Harmony
Collapsing SkyN/AIncreases Basic Attack and Skill Damage★★★The Destruction
CornucopiaN/AIncreases Outgoing Healing★★★The Abundance
Darting ArrowN/A[ To Be Updated ]★★★The Hunt
DefenseN/ARestores HP When Ultimate is Used★★★The Preservation
Fine FruitN/ARestores Energy for All Allies at the Beginning of Combat★★★The Abundance
LoopN/AIncreases Damage Dealt to Slowed Enemies★★★The Nihility
Meshing CogsN/AIncreases Energy Restoration Rate★★★The Harmony
PasskeyN/ARegenerates Energy After Skill Use★★★The Erudition
Shattered HomeN/AIncreases Damage to Enemies with High HP★★★The Destruction
VoidN/AIncreases Hit Rate by 20%★★★The Nihility
Information Retrieved from Honkai: Star Rail Fandom Wiki

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