Huo Huo and Argentin from Honkai: Star Rail
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All Upcoming Banners in Honkai Star Rail Listed (October 2023)

Time to start planning where to spend those Jades

True to its genre, Honkai: Star Rail prides itself on making likable characters that captivate its fans with their personality, aesthetics, and combat. HoYoverse has been better about keeping players in the know about what to expect next so here are the upcoming banners to look out for.

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All Upcoming Banners in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

Each of these banners is confirmed by HoYoverse either through the livestream where they have debuted the characters or through their usual drip marketing. Double banners are now in effect where during the second phase of the update, a previous Character Warp Banner will make a reappearance so be sure to plan your funds wisely. (Cause I certainly won’t be.)

1.5 Character Warp Banners 

  • Huo Huo from Honkai: Star Rail
  • Argentin from Honkai: Star Rail
  • Hanya from Honkai: Star Rail

First Phase – Huo Huo

For the first portion of the 1.5 update, Huo Huo will be our newest Five-Star Abundance character so another healer will be added to the lineup. No longer will you need to borrow your friend’s Luocha because Huo Huo will use the Wind Element to help diversify your team. Unless you’re dead-pressed to have a mono-Wind team. 

Huo Huo is a peculiar and very timid-looking young girl who is surrounded by spirit charms and her tail seems to have its own voice actor. Yes, not only will you be getting Huo Huo but the spirit or creature that is haunting her. Honkai: Star Rail never fails to deliver a fascinating new take with each character that comes out. 

Second Phase – Argenti, Silver Wolf & Hanna

In the latter part of 1.5, players can expect for there to be two Five-Star banners where one will be Silver Wolf having her first rerun and the other will be a new character named Argenti. If his looks didn’t clue you in, Argenti is part of the Knights of Beauty and is a Physical Erudition character. Clad in armor, our knight is sure to protect us in battle while dealing damage to all foes on the field. 

For a refresher, Silver Wolf is a Quantum Nihility character that adds debuffs to her enemies quite literally. Using her skill will add a Weakness to enemies and her Ultimate is good at dealing damage as well as lowering the Defense of her foes. 

Alongside these two will feature a new Four-Star character, a young woman who is said to be part of the Ten-Lords Commission. While we haven’t met her in the story part of the game, we do know that Hanya has some peculiar connection with Xueyi or at least, some form of Xueyi that may have existed in the past. Her kit is a Physical Harmony so she will deal Physical Damage and also buff her team through some of her skills in battle. With her debut in the game, perhaps we will learn a little more about the Ten-Lords Commission and the story behind Xueyi.

1.6 Character Warp Banners 

  • Ruan Mei from Honkai: Star Rail
  • Dr. Ratio from Honkai: Star Rail
  • Xueyi from Honkai: Star Rail

First Phase – Ruan Mei

Although it’s not confirmed to be 1.6, a new character by the name of Ruan Mei will be featured after Argenti and Silver Wolf’s banner concludes. Ruan Mei may already sound familiar to you and that is because she has been helping Herta, Screwllum, and Stephen with the Simulated Universe. Sure to put a pep in your step, this sweet-toothed scientist is an Ice Harmony character so it’s Shenhe 2.0 for Honkai: Star Rail. With her debut, we’re just one away from having a Simulated Universe team. 

Second Phase – Dr. Ratio & Xueyi

But who will be the fourth character in this team, you say? Well, you always need to have an outlier, and who better than Dr. Ratio? This strange man who seemingly came out of nowhere is a member of the Intelligentsia Guild, a separate association from the Genius Society. Said to be more open to receiving all scholars who apply, they are seen to be a bit of a joke to the Genius Society. But Dr. Ratio isn’t the type to consider himself lesser than. He’s sure to be an interesting dynamic to add to the mix of the increasing amount of characters we have now becoming playable in the Genius Society. Dr. Ratio will be an Imaginary Hunt character though not much is known about his kit. The Imaginary Characters continue to grow, no longer the rarest of the elements, and the game is finally feeling a bit more rounded. 

Last but not least, Honkai: Star Rail has finally let Xueyi join the banner as well. Seen throughout the story and companion quests, the game has almost been teasing players with this character by not putting her on the banner yet, but her time will soon come. As a Quantum Destruction character, she looks to be a great addition to people who are very close to having a Mono-team but may be missing one or two. Not only that but she does have a beautiful design and has been a mystery within the Luofu ever since the Trailblazer set foot on the large ship.

What are Character Event Warp Banners in Honkai: Star Rail?

So that you aren’t ever using your Stellar Jades or Special Passes in the wrong pass, let’s review what the Character Warp Banners are. The special Character Event Warps are meant to be a limited-time run where you can get exclusive characters that rotate within about 21 days. These characters cannot be retrieved from the Standard Banner nor can they be pulled from the Beginner Banner. They are typically more robust than your Standard Five-Stars and will have exclusive abilities that often make them top-tier. 

Alongside them, a special Light Cone Warp Event will also take place where you can get the strongest weapon to equip on that character. Usually, these five-star light cones are the character’s best-in-slot weapon and will have skills that are tailored specifically to that character’s design and skills. They can also be handy for your other characters if you happen to like the passives.

There’s so much to look forward to in a game like Honkai: Star Rail, make sure you’re never missing out on any news and updates about the game by checking the game tag just below this video. With so many characters in the game, you’ll either need the funds or maybe miss out on the special achievements you can get only by using certain characters, so hop on over to this guide to see if you have them all. Every Stellar Jade is going to be needed in these trying times.

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