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All Character-Specific Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail

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by Patrick Souza

Hoyoverse games tend to be filled to the top with various unorthodox achievements, and Honkai: Star Rail follows this trend perfectly. From being rewarded by literally trash-talking (or just talking with trash, if you prefer) to purposely enraging a fearsome enemy, the game throws some tiny amounts of Jades for basically everything. And curiously enough, there are even some achievements that can only be completed when using certain characters in specific ways.

And even more curiously, most of them are focused around 5-star characters, so don’t think that you can get them all right away even if you own all 4-stars. Anyways, here’s a complete list of those unique achievements in Star Rail.

All Character-Specific Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail

Most of these achievements are placed under the Eager for Battle category in the Achievements menu. All of them award you with 10 Stellar Jades and are hidden until completion. It’s possible that every character has (or will have, at some point) at least one achievement tied to them, so we’ll be sure to update this list as new discoveries are made.

Achievement NameDescription
Coffee LoverA cup of coffee thrice a day, keeps the foggy head at bay
In a single battle, use Himeko‘s Ultimate 3 times
Deus Ex MachinaInflict Weakness Break on enemies 3 time(s) using the Trailblazer (Destruction) in a single battle
Listen…Use the Trailblazer to fight boss Kafka and become Dominated by her
It’s My TurnSeele acts 5 time(s) in a row before the next ally unit’s turn
When the National Anthem RingsHave ally Bronya use “The Belobog March” 1 time(s) when fighting the bosses Gepard, Cocolia, and Bronya respectively
Serval’s Parting GiftUse Serval to deal the final blow in a victory against boss Cocolia
Foolish Little Brother…Use Serval to deal the final blow in a victory against boss Gepard
Four-and-a-Half PirouettesTrigger Herta‘s talent with an ally’s single attack, and have her twirl 5 time(s)
Surge of TilesQingque starts her turn in the “Hidden Hand” state for 3 turn(s) in a row
Over-ProtectiveWin 1 battle(s) without having Gepard‘s Shields take any DMG

However, a few selected achievements are placed in the Moment of Joy category. These are themed around winning a battle with story-related teams and award only 5 Jades instead.

Achievement NameDescription
One Big Happy FamilyWin 1 battle(s) with a team comprising Himeko, Welt, Dan Heng, and March 7th
Architects (And Former Architects)Win 1 battle(s) with a team comprising Bronya, Gepard, Pela, and Serval

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Some of them are obtained during story-related battles, so you might get them to pop randomly while casually completing your missions, as it happened to me with Serval’s achievements for example. Himeko’s achievement is easily obtained during the Doomsday Beast fight in the tutorial too.

But don’t worry if you don’t get them right away. You can refight most bosses later in the Simulated Universe, albeit in a way higher difficulty setting. 

The Simulated Universe is also the best way of getting some of them such as Seele’s, for example. Use some of The Hunt’s Blessings to get extra turns, otherwise you need some setup for it to happen. Same thing for Herta’s or Qingque’s achievements.

Good luck in your achievement journey!

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