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All Exalting Sanctum Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Take an evening stroll through the plaza

by Madison Benson
Exalting Sanctum Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Xianzhou Luofu is the third major area you’ll travel to in Honkai: Star Rail, and it has a lot of shopping, puzzle-solving and treasure hunting. Much like Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI, you’ll find chests scattered throughout its regions, and you can even get a bit of Trailblaze EXP for opening them. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover every Xianzhou Luofu Exalting Sanctum treasure chest location in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Exalting Sanctum Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Exalting Sanctum has seven basic treasure chests that you’ll find near its shops and sitting areas. While there isn’t much going on in the main plaza, it’s also worth visiting just to look at its beautiful design. I know I spent a solid 10 minutes taking pictures here.

With that excitement out of the way, let’s talk about these chests, shall we?

Honkai Star Rail Exalting Sanctum Treasure Map

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  1. Starting from the Court of Tranquility Space Anchor at the bottom of the map, head northeast toward the shop to find the first treasure chest next to some intricately detailed crates.
  2. Head west from the same space anchor to find the next chest near the Spices Supreme’s Chef NPC.
  3. Go back to the space anchor again and head directly north past the shop from the first location. You’ll spot the chest at the back of the outdoor sitting area, between two sets of stone benches.
  4. From this restaurant location, go west over the wooden bridge to find the fourth chest beside the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery.
  5. Time for another space anchor! Go to the Synwood Pavilion Space Anchor and up the stairs to find the chest near some flowers.
  6. At the space anchor, head west and go down the stairs to find the sixth treasure chest just past the restaurant, next to the Tiger Boxing Gym’s Coach NPC.
  7. For the last treasure chest, head east from the space anchor and run past the various shops. You’ll find the chest in a corner, hidden behind a large flower vase, southeast of the NutriTreasures’ Master NPC.

Once you finish collecting every chest here in Exalting Sanctum, you’re done! There are no Warp Trotters here, and you won’t find any bountiful or precious treasures. There are plenty of shops to check out if you want to get the most out of this area, though!

Are you interested in travelling through Xianzhou Luofu and collecting more treasure? Want to wrap up your journey in Jarilo-VI and find more there? Be sure to explore our other chest guides below!

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