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All Great Mine Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

No Doge to mine here, Elon

by Patrick Souza
Star Rail Great Mine Treasures

Being just as big as its name implies, the Great Mine is one of the biggest areas in Honkai: Star Rail. And of course, this also means that it houses lots of treasures. More than usual, I should say. You’ll spend some good time here doing either your main Trailblaze Missions or just some side Adventure Missions. And you’ll definitely come across various treasures along the way, so here are the locations of all Great Mine treasure chests so you can complete your collection easier in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Great Mine Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are 11 treasure chests to find in the Great Mine, with one of them being exclusively only found after finishing your important business here (read that as “main quests”). Some of them are guarded by fierce enemies, and we’ll also list them here.

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  • 1 – After entering through the Boulder Town entrance, go up through the ramp and find it lying around some tables.
  • 2 – Follow the road and turn left. The chest will be past a deactivated robot.
  • 3 – Just a few steps from the Space Anchor, pretty hard to miss.
  • 4 – Now keep going through the area to find it hidden next to a corner.
  • 5 – Continue forward and turn right to find it between two tents at the end of the road. There might or might be not enemies guarding it depending on when you go for it.
  • 6 – Turn back and head for the entrance you didn’t take before to find it right at your face.
  • 7 – Head for the upper path to find it similarly to how you found the previous chest.
  • 8 – You’ll see it next to some tents and some collectible notes in the mine cart puzzle quests area.
  • 9 – Keep following the road you didn’t explore yet until you see this chest next to some boxes.
  • 10 – Isolated from all other chests. Use the Archor or the Stagnant Shadow teleports for reaching this path through the center of the map. The chest is located right at the end
  • 11 – Warp Trotter. Take the Space Archon next to chest number 8 and follow the upper road. Smack it before it runs!

Note that some of these chests (such as the Trotter) won’t be available when you first arrive at the area. There are also three other chests that can be found by completing extra objectives in this area.

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 1 – You’ll see this robot during your visit to chest number 2. Solve its puzzle and follow it to the treasure.
  • 2 – Head to the center of the map and go right until you see some monsters guarding your chest. Show them who’s the real boss around to get your rewards.
  • 3 – The final destination is directly opposite from the last one. Head to the west to see some miners guarding this one.

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This puts us at a total of 14 Chests on this map. You’re almost a miner yourself at this point. And it was completely worth it.

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