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All Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Spinning platforms, tiny robots and snow everywhere

by Madison Benson
Honkai Star Rail Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Chests

I spent a lot of time in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. Between the puzzle robots and the central revolving platform, I had more fun messing around with the controllers than progressing through the story. The chests I found were mostly accidental because of this! With that said, after a bit of time looking around for the remaining few, I’ll happily help you find them as well. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover every Jarilo-VI Silvermane Guard Restricted treasure chest location in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

The Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone has nine basic treasure chests to find, with a few bountiful ones and a Warp Trotter around too. While I’d typically use the HoYoLab interactive map for this, I’ll be swapping over to the in-game one this time. The order I describe the chests is based on the numbers below!

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Treasure Chest Locations Honkai Star Rail

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  1. Starting from the Energy Hub Space Anchor, go directly west to find the first chest against a wall.
  2. From this same anchor, go along the path, past the groups of guards, and go left to find two exits. Take the one blocked by two guards, defeat the Warp Trotter, and continue forward to spot a chest against another wall.
  3. Head to the anchor once more and follow the path again. Instead of heading left, go forward and run past the officers until you encounter a small alcove to your right. Go here to find a chest hiding against a wall.
  4. Go west from the third location until you find the middle section with a gate and controller. Enter this area to spot the chest next to the entrance.
  5. It’s time for some puzzle-solving! If you’ve already explored this area, teleport to the Outpost Space Anchor east of the rotating platforms. Go past the guards to spot the treasure chest next to a tent on your right.
  6. Starting at the last spot, go down the path toward the rotating platforms area. The chest is near an Automaton Bumblebee robot, next to a dumpster.
  7. Get ready for more puzzles! This time, our destination is the northern quadrant of the map. Head up here and climb the ramp until you see a basic treasure chest beside some crates.
  8. Yep, time to rotate some platforms again. Like before, if you’ve already unlocked every anchor, teleport to the Frontline Space Anchor on the map’s west side. From here, go east slightly to find a controller to rotate the central platforms, with the chest sitting next to a tent.
  9. From the Frontline anchor, head west, then north past the cannons. The last treasure chest will be on your left near some crates.

Where to Find Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Warp Trotter and Bonus Chests in Honkai: Star Rail

Alongside these nine chests, you’ll also find a warp trotter and two bountiful chests. Below are the locations for both:

  • Warp Trotter – Start from the Energy Hub Space Anchor and head toward the second treasure chest listed above. You’ll spot the Warp Trotter along the way.
  • First Bountiful Chest – Near the second basic chest, you’ll spot a puzzle robot with a Magflow Link. Complete this and follow the robot east until it stops at the eastern three-way intersection.
  • Second Bountiful Chest – You’ll spot a second puzzle robot in the southeastern part of the central rotating platform. Solve the Magflow Link and follow the robot up the ramp to find the second bountiful chest.

Congratulations! After following these lengthy descriptions, you’re one step closer to finding every treasure chest and Warp Trotter in Honkai: Star Rail. If you want to go even further and take some extra steps, be sure to check out some of our other chest guides below!

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