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All Everwinter Hill Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

These ones like to hide

by Madison Benson
All Everwinter Hill Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail’s Everwinter Hill is a wild ride. Without spoiling, a lot is going on here, and you’ll want to prepare yourself for it all. Once the craziness calms down, though, we can appreciate its finer parts, like the various treasure chests scattered throughout the region. After all, with how chaotic this area gets, it’s easy to get distracted and miss them! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover every Jarilo-VI Everwinter Hill treasure chest location in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Everwinter Hill Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Despite the in-game map telling you there are three basic chests in Everwinter Hill, don’t walk in expecting it to be a cakewalk! You’ll have to explore the area in its entirety and risk running into some enemies that can easily wipe your team if you’re under-leveled. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this, but waiting until later in your playthrough is safer if you want to stay safe.

With all that said, let’s start hunting for some chests! I’ll useg the numbered map image below as a reference, allowing us all to backtrack a little easier if needed.

Honkai Star Rail Everwinter Hill Treasure Map
Image via the official HoYoLab Honkai: Star Rail Interactive Map

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  1. Starting from the Deck of Creation Space Anchor, head down the west stairs and turn left. The first treasure chest is hiding in a corner next to the stone stairs.
  2. From the stairs, go directly north to spot the second chest n front of a buried building.
  3. Continue down this path, defeating the enemies and Warp Trotter along the way. You’ll spot a small alcove at the end of the snowy trail, with the chest sitting comfortably on the ground near another half-buried building and a metal pipe.

Where to Find Everwinter Hill Warp Trotter and Bonus Chests in Honkai: Star Rail

Alongside the four chests in this area, you’ll also find a Warp Trotter and a precious chest:

  • Warp Trotter – Head past the second basic treasure chest and toward the third. You’ll spot the Warp Trotter past a group of enemies, in a small alcove along the path.
  • Precious Chest – Just north of the main platform, you’ll spot a high-level Decaying Shadow enemy guarding the chest. Defeat the monster to gain access to it!

Want to travel through other parts of Jarilo-VI for some treasure? Did you forget a few at Herta Space Station and plan to return to find the rest? Be sure to explore our other Honkai: Star Rail chest guides below!

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