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All Backwater Pass Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Watch out for the enemies everywhere!

by Madison Benson
Backwater Pass Treasure Chest Locations Honkai Star Rail

As you progress further through Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll encounter all kinds of different areas full of puzzles, challenging enemies and tons of odd Easter eggs to enjoy. Backwater Pass is full of locked doors, puzzles and treasure chests, but it’ll take some time to explore it. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover every Jarilo-VI Backwater Pass treasure chest location in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Backwater Pass Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Backwater Pass is a place in Jarilo-VI where you’ll have to use controllers to unlock iron gates and access its seven basic treasure chests. Because of this, it’s initially a very linear path that opens up once you unlock each gate. Nonetheless, I’ll describe each step from the perspective of a first-time visitor but include a couple of shortcuts for returning players.

Oh, and I’ll use the interactive map picture below as a reference.

Honkai Star Rail Backwater Pass Treasure Map
Image via the official HoYoLab Honkai: Star Rail Interactive Map

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  1. Starting from the Goethe Mansion Space Anchor, go down the alleyway and up the stairs to find a gate to your right. Open it and enter to find a chest at the end of the path.
  2. From the previous location, head past the gate and run toward the Calyx bud. Turn left down the stairs and go left to find a locked gate, its controller and a basic treasure chest nearby.
  3. Continuing this path, go south until you reach the Leisure Plaza Space Anchor. Turn left to find a chest against the wall. You’ll also find a Warp Trotter nearby if you want to take it out quickly.
  4. Go south to the Transport Hub Space Anchor to find a basic treasure chest beside the locked gate. You can also travel south from chest three to reach this spot if you still need to unlock the anchor.
  5. From this same anchor, head directly east after opening the gate to find the chest in the corner of the area. Like the fourth chest, you can run down here from the third if it’s your first time visiting Backwater Pass.
  6. Continuing from chest five’s location, head back to the gate from chest four and turn left. Loop around the path, past the formidable foe, until you find the chest at a spot overlooking the previous location.
  7. Teleport back to the Transport Hub Space Anchor and head west. The last treasure chest is behind iron fences near a metal barrel.

As you travel down these paths, you’ll also encounter various puzzles and formidable foes guarding bountiful chests!

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