All Supply Zone Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail

All Supply Zone Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Find chests filled with supplies in the supply zone!

In Honkai: Star Rail, treasure chests are a nice way to get rewards for exploring areas you otherwise wouldn’t. Sure, you may find some as you do quests, but to get every chest in every zone, you’ll have to venture off the beaten path and defend against enemies to claim your prizes. The Supply Zone is a great example, bringing you into long but linear halls toward each chest, with a few in places you otherwise wouldn’t check right away. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover every Herta Space Station Supply Zone treasure chest location in Honkai: Star Rail.

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All Supply Zone Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Despite the Supply Zone map legend showing six treasures and one Warp Trotter, there is much more than meets the eye here. The first floor alone has extra bountiful treasures, let alone the second one! For this guide, I’ll mainly talk about the six basic chests but will briefly mention the others so you don’t miss out on them.

I’ll also reference the HoYoLab interactive map, with the chests following the number order below.

Honkai Star Rail Supply Zone Treasure Map
Image via the official HoYoLab Honkai: Star Rail Interactive Map

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  1. Starting from the Railway Platform Space Anchor, head directly west to find the first chest along the bridge.
  2. From the location above, head north up the ramp and enter the room to find a chest to your right.
  3. Continue along this path, traveling west through the hall, until you find a small alcove near the Spare Parts Warehouse Space Anchor. You can also take this anchor and go directly east to find this spot.
  4. From the Spare Parts Warehouse Space Anchor, head southwest down the path once more to find a basic treasure chest near some plants at the path’s corner.
  5. Go to the end of this path, running past the west rooms, until you find a treasure chest near the Calyx Bud.
  6. Backtrack until you reach the Electrical Room, or take the Space Anchor to reach a set of rooms on the area’s west side. Go south and unlock the room to find the chest on your left.

Most basic treasure chests in Honkai: Star Rail follow a linear path, with occasional sidetracking here and there. For the most part, if you don’t encounter these spots during the main story, you’ll run into them during side quests.

Aside from these six basic treasure chests, you’ll also find bountiful treasure on the first floor of the area and in the rooms next to the third chest during particular quests. The Warp Trotter is in these same rooms, so be prepared for the fight before it runs away!

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