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Where to Find All Wanted Posters in Honkai: Star Rail

Will we someday get our own 90s Shoujo anime-styled wanted poster?

by Patrick Souza

Honkai: Star Rail has an obscene amount of mini-quests and secrets scattered all around the maps, and some of them have some really nice rewards. From completely unexpected dialogues to sudden rewards, players are well rewarded for exploring the game. One of those secrets is hidden within the Wanted Posters that can be found in the Administrative District on Jarilo-VI.

While there is no direct Stellar Jades reward, they unlock the Wanted Poster profile picture at the end, which is almost just as good, if not outright better. See below where you can find them.

All Wanted Posters Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are 7 posters placed around the Administrative District. Make sure you do not have any Trailblaze Mission currently in this area so you can collect them with no interruptions.

Screenshot by Prima Games

1 – Dan Heng

Easy to spot directly from the teleport, located right below a house.

2 – Dan Heng 

Just a few steps away from the previous one. And definitely WAY more detailed than it.

3 – March 7th

Right next to the stairs and easy to miss thanks to its colors.

Screenshot by Prima Games

4 – Sampo

In front of the stairs. A completely accurate depiction of the merchant.

5 – Trailblazer

A bystander is observing this poster that is placed on the placard, probably intrigued by how much effort went into this drawing.

6 – March 7th

Take a few steps to the right while facing the placard from the previous poster to find it.

7 – Sampo

Found on a wall next to a girl sitting at a table. Not as accurate as his previous poster.

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You get the “50 Credits?!” achievement for collecting all seven posters. And, most importantly, you now have the second-best profile picture in the whole game: your own Wanted Poster! The Trash Can photo still holds the crown as the best, though. Hard to compete with the oldest self-deprecating joke in the book.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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