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Honkai Star Rail: How Many Trash Cans are in Belobog? – Answered

The main character is canonically a raccoon and we have to deal with it

by Patrick Souza

Taking a stroll around the city during the winter is a very cozy way of spending an afternoon. Except when that new guy or girl in the group decides to mess with every trash can in the vicinity searching for treasure. A strange memory from my high school days? No, just your average Honkai: Star Rail gameplay.

Dialogue in this game is one of its biggest gems, and some interactions are very worth reading even if you usually just skip through everything. The most infamous ones are certainly those related to trash cans, and one of them includes the small quiz about how many of them are located in Belebog City.

Honkai Star Rail: How Many Trashcans Are in Belobog?

Screenshot by Prima Games

The talking trash can is located in the slams of Boulder Town, and when it asks you how many of its kind are located in the city, just answer 20 to advance into its next question. It now demands to know how many cylindrical trash cans exist in the Underworld area, and the answer to this is 5 trash cans.

For getting all answers correctly, your award could be nothing else than… even more trash! You get the Pleasent-Looking Trash item for answering all correctly, an item that restores 4 Technique Points for your team after consuming it. Pretty trash is the best trash!

You only get one chance to grab it, so make sure you won’t waste it. But in case you miss it, there’s another trash can nearby that gives you one of these if you ask it for a “beautiful piece of trash”. 

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And even if you didn’t get the answer naturally by exploring Boulder Town and the Administrative District, you should definitely take some time to talk with them. Writers were really inspired to the point they made checking (and eating) other people’s trash one of the best parts of exploring this planet. You can even get the Trash Can profile picture when interacting with one of them in the overworld. A perfect representation of how your luck probably is in this game.

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