All Cloudford Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Why so many cubes???

Given that Honkai: Star Rail maps are big, it’s only natural that various treasure chests are hidden around them, so it’s time to dig them all up! Here are all Cloudford Treasure Chest locations in Honkai: Star Rail.

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All Cloudford Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There’s a total of 11 Chests in Cloudford. One of them is a Warp Trotter that won’t appear until you complete the first Trailblaze Mission on the map. Speaking of those, you won’t be able to explore the map in its entirety until you advance a little bit more on them to the point where you control Dan Hang in a Trial fight. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you get there.

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  • 1 – Inside a container right after you enter the area.
  • 2 – Go upstairs to the central area to find it at the top of the house.
  • 3 – Now get back down and follow the lower path to the left until you reach the next chest.
  • 4 – Operate the controllers to open your path to this chest, also inside a container.
  • 5 – Go for the Cavern of Corrosion teleport and keep heading forward until you find some stairs to your right. The chest is at the top of them.
  • 6 – Next to the Space Anchor and hard to miss.
  • 7 – Right beside the house where you found Treasure Chest 5. Can be reached either after grabbing Chest 6 or right after 5 depending on if you already opened the door or not.
  • 8 – Teleport to the Stagnant Shadow and look up at the map to see it
  • 9 – Warp Trotter. Only available after the passage is opened (as well as the following chests). You’ll see it as soon as you go down the previously closed road.
  • 10 – Hidden in plain sight among some boxes.
  • 11 – Go for the cargo area Anchor to find that the upper area is now accessible, along with this final chest.

Aside from those chests, you’ll find various mini-puzzles and optional battles that give out some extra chests:

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  • 1 – Take the Anchor back and interact with the giant cube to start its puzzle. Reflect both sides at the same time to turn it into a Chest.
  • 2 – There’s a fearsome foe right past the previous treasure. Beat them to get more loot.
  • 3 – Interact with the little bird and follow it all the way back to another chest.
  • 4 – The bird will pick up its delivery next to another Hexanexus cube. Make sure you’ll solve it too.
  • 5 – You’ll see the dial next to the exit of the map. Align all arrows with the blue pointer to get another chest
  • 6 – Do you like cube puzzles? You’ll learn to love them, whether you like it or not! Another one of these here.
  • 7 – Keep heading up to find some enemies guarding yet another chest.
  • 8 – Just a delivery bird this time. Follow it for some easy rewards.
  • 9 – Yes…ANOTHER cube puzzle here. They really enjoyed making those.
  • 10 – Adjust the compass arrows correctly once again and you’ll be well rewarded.

With all of those TREMENDOUS work, you’ll have collected a total of 21 chests in total for you. Wow, even rewards are being power crept nowadays.

What Do Cloudford Chests Do?

When found and opened, these chests give the player rewards in the form of either currency or items. During my playthrough, I’d frequently get items like Lost Gold Fragments, Adventure Logs, and Stellar Jades from chests. I’d also get a certain amount of credits and EXP as well. These can be a great way to fill your pockets fast.

With a game as big as Honkai: Star Rail, there’s always something going on. Check out Honkai: Star Rail’s new update 1.6 Livestream Banners and codes.

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