Best Serval Build in Honkai: Star Rail (May 2023)

Can you believe they gave her to us for free?!

Serval may have been a hand-out from Honkai: Star Rail, but she is by no means someone you should overlook. As a Belabog mechanic and a Rockstar, Serval is a top-tier character with a fantastic kit that’ll help you throughout all those robots in Jarilo VI. Here is our Best Serval Build in Honkai: Star Rail for May 2023.

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How To Build and Use Serval in Honkai: Star Rail

Serval is one of the free characters players received when entering Honkai: Star Rail. She is part of the Erudition Path, meaning that most of her attacks will attack more than one enemy so she’s great for getting widespread damage and taking out multiple enemies if you stack her against those that are weak against Lightning. She’s a fairly quick character just at her base stats, but pairing her with Asta or investing a couple of Substats into her Speed can allow for her to take multiple turns before your enemy even has the chance to recover.

Serval’s Basic Attack will deal Lightning Damage to one enemy and an adjacent enemy nearby, while her Skill and Burst will deal Lightning Damage based on different percentages of her overall Attack. But they will strike all enemies on the field and if enemies are Shocked once their shields are broken, Serval will deal another Lighting Attack to them each time she attacks and regain 4 Energy. Together with her attacks on multiple enemies, this can help to restore her Burst multiple times which can help sweep in the Simulated Universe or Forgotten Hall as long as you plan your buffs around her just right. Even with your everyday fights and daily run-ins with grinding for materials, Serval is great for stunning enemies and breaking through multiple shields.

Serval’s Best Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail

Serval’s best Light Cones are based on increasing her Attack and Ultimate Damage as much as you can. The list of Light Cones below are great options for Serval and if the Five-Star isn’t enough, there are plenty of Free to Play Four-Star Light Cones that will serve her well. As long as the focus is on increasing her Attack, you’ll have a good build. There is an exception in the list where it will increase the Damage based on Serval’s overall Energy, Today is another Peaceful Day is the only one where it’s more important to build in Serval’s Energy rather than her Attack. 

  • Night on the Milky Way (Five-Star)
  • Make the World Clamor (Four-Star)
  • Seriousness of Breakfast (Four-Star)
  • Today is Another Peaceful Day (Four-Star)
  • Geniuses’ Repose (Four-Star)
  • Data Bank (Three-Star)

Serval’s Best Relic Sets in Honkai: Star Rail

Since Serval works best with her Lightning attacks and breaking through enemies’ Toughness, she will benefit from one of two Relic Sets: Band of Sizzling Thunder and Thief of Shooting Meteor. Band of Sizzling Thunder is the set that increases Lightning Damage and is naturally the best choice for Serval since she deals all of her damage through Lightning. At 2-pieces, it’ll increase Lightning Damage by 10%, and at 4-pieces will increase the Wearer’s Attack by 20% for one turn after they use their Skill. Since Serval’s Skill often recharges her Ultimate fairly quickly, you can then deal even more damage with her Ultimate if you plan it correctly. 

Thief of Shooting Meteor is a set that’s far easier to get early on in the game and maybe the set that Serval wears for the majority of the time you have her. It’s a great set that increases the Break Effect by 16% at 2-pieces, and at 4-pieces will increase the Break Effect by another 16%. It’ll also regenerate 3 Energy for the character whenever they inflict Weakness Break on enemies. For Serval, this can help her get her Energy back for her Ultimate even faster since her Talent also works in conjunction with renewing her Energy whenever she Breaks shields. You can’t go wrong with either set as long you got the right pieces and build into the correct substats. 

For Serval’s extra Relic Effects, the best two for her at Space Sealing Station and Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise since they’ll either increase Attack and Speed or Increase Effect Hit Rate and Attack. 

Serval’s Preferred Stats for her Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

For Serval’s Chest Plate and Boots, you’re going to want to focus on Effect Hit Rate and one on Attack or Crit depending on what Relic you have that has better substats. For the extra two Relics, one should be dedicated to Lightning Damage Boost and another towards Attack or Energy Recharge, though as long as Serval has a good stat for Effect Hit Rate then you shouldn’t ever have to worry about never having her Ultimate up in two to three turns.

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For her substats, you should prioritize Effect Hit Rate, Attack, and Crit, and if you get Speed then you won’t be in too bad of a position either! Serval is pretty easy to build whether you have her on Thief of Shooting Meteor or a spare Four-Star Light Cone, she’ll deal damage pretty easily and tear through your enemies with no problems at all. Add her in with some Harmony characters and you’re bound to have some overpowered units to take on your dailies, bosses, and in the Simulated Universe!

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