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Best Builds for Dehya in Genshin Impact

A highly anticipated disappointment...

by Jordan Lemons

Dehya has been a unit that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and followed closely when there were regards about her kit coming into question. Now that she has finally been released on an official Genshin Banner, it’s hard not to be a bit disappointed. Her build has been the most difficult thus far of all characters to have dropped in Genshin Impact, and it really shouldn’t be that way.

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Genshin Impact – A Forewarning About Dehya

Screenshot from Genshin Impact’s Youtube Character Demo – “Dehya: Fiery Lioness”

While I am all for Hoyoverse expanding their units to serve different roles, I was also under the impression that the character builds should be flexible enough to fit into a role that the player wants them to fit. This has allowed for some pretty creative builds in the past and I’ve seen the same come from Dehya. But it shouldn’t take god-tier artifacts and a five-star weapon to achieve decent numbers in Genshin Impact.

Dehya isn’t the best build and day by day, it’s come to the attention of players that there are many bugs surrounding her kit, her weapon, and her constellations. As a character who is going into the standard, you can argue that she runs a pretty standard build, but if Diluc can break the bank and Qiqi can do better numbers than Dehya, then what the hell is going to be the standard for the upcoming characters immediately set to be drafted into the Permanent banner?

Players pull characters for all sorts of reasons, and if you’ve pulled Dehya based on her aesthetic and personality, it still shouldn’t excuse the fact that Hoyoverse shot themselves in the foot building her kit to fit her into a niche. And it shouldn’t excuse her damage that does lesser Physical Damage than Sayu. Hoyoverse did Dehya dirty, but here’s the best we could do with what we have on hand.

Best Weapons for Dehya

“Ah, my aesthetics though…” Screenshot by Prima

Needless to say, Dehya’s Signature weapon, Beacon of the Red Sea, is going to be the best weapon for her. It increases HP and Attack based on when the character uses their Elemental Skill. Another great weapon for her is going to be Wolf’s Gravestone for obvious reasons. Its main base stat of Attack percentage is just what Dehya needs to put some oomph into her damage. Still, a character shouldn’t require a Five-Star in order to be good. Not great, just good.

Here are some close seconds:

1) Akuomaru is a weapon retrieved from the Weapons banner, with a main stat of Attack, it deals more damage the more Energy Recharge is present in the team and increases the Elemental Burst Damage on account of that. Depending on Dehya’s build, this can be a good weapon for her that is far easier to get than the Five-Star Claymores.

2) The Free-to-play weapon released alongside her, Mailed Flower, should also be a viable option but has a main stat of Elemental Mastery. However, it’ll increase Attack and EM based on the character’s use of their Elemental Skill. With Windblume Gift, this weapon can also be refined for free during the current Windblume Festival’s release. 

Artifact Sets and Stats

“The only saving grace.” Screenshot by Prima

Dehya can be built in a few different ways, by maximizing her Burst Damage or focusing on her Damage for certain team comps. This has been a confusing and infuriating puzzle for the majority of her Banner given that depending on your weapon inventory, it strongly relies on what artifact set you should use. The easiest Artifact set for Dehya that works for a majority of her builds is Emblem of the Severed Fate.

Don’t worry about having to get to 260 Energy Recharge like you would with the Raiden Shogun. Hilariously enough, hitting 160 is still an achievement. Focusing on Attack or Energy Recharge for your Sands, you’ll need Pyro Damage Bonus for the Goblet and Crit Rate or Crit Damage for the Crown depending on your current Crit Ratio. Focusing on HP Percentage, Attack Percentage and Energy Recharge with the occasional Crit will get you far enough with Dehya’s build to do decent numbers. 

Other notable mentions to Dehya’s Artifact Sets are Tenacity of the Milileth, running on much of the same above Stats for her build as well as a Mix of any Attack boosting Artifact with Crimson Witch of Flames for Pyro Damage. Emblem of the Severed Fate, however, has been the best luck I’ve had with achieving anything close to 20,000 on average for her hits during her burst. And that’s with Benny and Yunjin on the sidelines. 

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Keep an eye on Genshin Impact’s updates that come to her kit and we will do the same. It may not be the last time Hoyoverse tries to release a low-tier character to the public, and we shouldn’t let it stand. Dehya doesn’t have to be a god-tier unit, but she should be a flexible one if she is to go on the Standard Wish Banner.

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