All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

Why run when you can portal?

Waypoints are one of the most important things in Sanctuary. Who wants to run from Scosglen all the way down to Hawezar? To that end, here are all the Waypoints in Diablo 4.

All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

There are five regions in Sanctuary, and each tout between six to eight Waypoints. These magical sigils will allow you to revisit safe cities, villages, and even a backwater inn with the press of a button. But not all of these Waypoints are obvious. Here are all the Waypoints to be found in Diablo IV, divvied up by region.

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All Stronghold Waypoint Locations

If you only ever wanted a guide that told you exactly what Strongholds would convert into Waypoints, I have you covered. Here’s the list, and you can find a more detailed explanation of how to unlock the rest (with maps) below.

  • Nostrava – Fractured Peaks
  • Cerrigar – Scosglen
  • Tur Dulra – Scosglen
  • The Onyx Watchtower – Dry Steppes
  • Farobru – Dry Steppes
  • Vyeresz – Hawezar
  • Altar of Ruin – Kehjistan

Now, let’s get into the meat.

All Fractured Peaks Waypoint Locations

Fractured Peak is a middle region to the far east, wedged between the Northern Scosglen and the Southern Hawezar. It totes a total of seven Waypoints. Only one of these Waypoints is a Stronghold. Stronghold Waypoints require that you complete a Stronghold and ring the bell in order to convert it to its newly colonized form.

Screenshot by Prima Games
Bear Tribe RefugeNo.
NostravaComplete Stronghold located just to the West of Kyovashad.

All Scosglen Waypoint Locations

Scosglen is a particularly large region that spans the northern end of Sanctuary. It has a total of eight Waypoints, with two Strongholds you’ll have to contend with.

Screenshot by Prima Games
Firebreak ManorNo.
Tur DulraComplete Stronghold to the far West, on the coast, about level with the city Cerrigar.
CorbachComplete Stronghold located just beneath the “Scosglen” name on the map.
Under the Fat GooseNo.

All Dry Steppes Waypoint Locations

This region, like Fractured Peaks, dominates to the middle left of the map, with Scosglen to the North and Kehjistan to the South. Its eastern border abuts the Fractured Peaks. It has a grand total of eight Waypoints and two Strongholds you’ll need to conquer.

Screenshot by Prima Games
Ked BarduNo.
The Onyx WatchtowerComplete the Stronghold just to the southeast of Ked Bardu, the Dry Steppes main city.
Fate’s RetreatNo.
Hidden OverlookYou may need to complete Act 3 to unlock this Waypoint.
Ruins of Qara-YisuNo.
FarobruComplete Stronghold very close to Ked Bardu, towards the northeast of the city. If you’ve conquered Scosglen’s Tur Dulra, just head South, and you’re bound to come across it.

All Kehjistan Waypoint Locations

This Southern Continent holds the west coast, and it’s quite the isolated corner, with only six well-scattered Waypoints. It also totes one Stronghold location you’ll need to convert.

Screenshot by Prima Games
Imperial LibraryComplete most of Act 6 of Campaign.
Gea KulNo.
Iron Wolves EncampentNo.
Altar of RuinComplete Stronghold that’s immediately to the right of “Kehijistan” written on the map.

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All Hawezar Waypoint Locations

The final region is Hawezar, and it’s one of the toughest areas in Sanctuary, with plenty of hidden corners in its far southeast corner. While it’s quite expansive, there are only six fast travel points, one of which is Stronghold, and two of which can only be unlocked during the campaign.

Screenshot by Prima Games
The Tree of WhispersUnlocked after completing Act 4 of the campaign.
VyereszComplete Stronghold in the far south, almost in the middle of the region, close to the coast.
Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner CourtUnlocked after completing Act 4 of the campaign.

As you’re going around Sanctuary, be sure to pick up all the Altars of Lilith, which will boost your stats quite a bit if you manage to collect them all. Here’s our complete guide on all 160: All Altars of Lilith Locations in Diablo 4.

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