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All Upcoming World of Warcraft Chapters and Release Timeline

Learn about these upcoming expansion packs.

World of Warcraft fans have had an expansive timeline of games to look forward to, and it looks like the world is continuing to expand. Revealed at Blizzcon, here is some more information about the upcoming expansions.

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All New World of Warcraft Expansions

Revealed as the “Worldsoul Saga”, fans of the popular World of Warcraft MMO have at least three more expansions to look forward to over the next six years. Titled The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan, WoW fans have new portions of the world of Azeroth to explore, starting with the release of the first new expansion.

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The War Within is to be the start of the newly revealed Worldsoul Saga and is planned to be released in 2024. While there is no exact release date given, fans eager to pre-order this newest expansion can do so by visiting the Shop.

Midnight, the second expansion, is likely to be slated for a 2026 release date, giving fans plenty of time to explore The War Within before its release. As the second entry in the new Worldsoul Saga, it seems that this will be considering more of the Void aspect and possibly plunging the world into a new dark chapter.

The Last Titan, the final chapter of the newly revealed expansions, would likely be released in 2028 if the developers at Blizzard are planning on roughly six years of new content. While not much detail has been given about this particular entry, we are eager to see what the team is cooking up.

Video via World of Warcraft YouTube Channel

And for those playing WoW Classic and living their lives to the fullest in this particular version, Cataclysm is on its way for you. With a 2024 release date, fans can look forward to meeting up with Deathwing once again in this revisited world once more.

It sure seems that World of Warcraft fans have plenty to look forward to in their favorite MMO, so be sure that you’re prepared for everything that it has to offer by checking out our World of Warcraft section below. Get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks, and learn more about how to get more Sparks of Ingenuity in Dragonflight while you prepare to revisit the world before you.

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