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How to Get More Sparks of Ingenuity in Dragonflight

A spark of ingenuity is all it takes to fly sky high...on the back of a dragon!

As one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs, World of Warcraft features countless complex mechanics, like its crafting system, which revolves around acquiring and utilizing an insurmountable number of crafting reagents. Well, the most recent expansion, Dragonflight, introduces yet more reagents to collect. Here’s how to get more Sparks of Ingenuity in Dragonflight!

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Where to Get More Sparks of Ingenuity

As the most useful crafting item in Dragonflight, tracking Sparks of Ingenuity to craft the strongest gear in the game may prove challenging without a helping hand. Hi, we’re the helping hand!

You’ll receive your first Sparks of Ingenuity by following along the main story quest in Dragonflight. But that’s just a taste. If you want more to fuel your crafting economy, you’ll need to strive for better, tougher content in the end game of Dragonflight. We’re talking about dungeons and raid bosses.

But that’s not all because you can unlock additional Sparks of Ingenuity by completing the “In Tyr’s Footsteps,” a lengthy questline requiring us to meet the Maiden of Inspiration at various spots throughout the Dragon Isles to complete challenges. It’s a lot of walking (or flying) and a lot of dialogue, but well worth the reagents you receive.

Tyr’s challenges include:

  • First Challenge: Use your dragon to fly through the rings.
  • Second Challenge: Defeat enemies on Ohn’ahran Plains.
  • Third Challenge: Collect three items along The Waking Shores.
  • Fourth Challenge: Kill Watcher Irdeus and Primal Tsunami in Halls of Infusion.
  • Fifth Challenge: Travel to Tyrhold Reservoir.
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Upon completion, you’ll receive five Sparks of Ingenuity. Additionally, the Maiden will also provide you with the Essence Detector, which helps track down Bottled Essence in dungeons and raids. Using the Engine of Innovation, you can turn a single Bottled Essence into a single Spark of Ingenuity.

Farming Sparks of Ingenuity

Like any good MMORPG player, you likely have several alt characters to help you farm and quest through the various zones in World of Warcraft. However, when it comes to farming Sparks of Ingenuity, you’re in luck. Blizzard made our lives a little easier by immediately unlocking the Engine of Innovation upon hitting level 70 with any alt. When you hit max level, visit the Engine of Innovation in Valdrakken for five free Sparks of Ingenuity.

As for the Essence Detector, it’s also free upon hitting the max level in Dragonflight for your alt characters. Therefore, you can run through dungeons and raids without completing In Tyr’s Footsteps a second time, which is nice because it’s a slog!

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