All Side Quests in New Homestead in Starfield

Every side quest you can find in New Homestead in Sol!

Starfield New Homestead Settlement
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The Sol Star System in Starfield is positively popping off with unique and explorable settlements and points of interest, like New Homestead. If you want to complete all of the side quests in New Homestead in Starfield, look no further!

Starfield: Every Side Quest in New Homestead

New Homestead is a quiet place on Titan, Saturn’s moon, and it’s completely indoors unless you want to don a spacesuit while on the surface. But either way, there are a few things to see and do. The New Homestead side quests, while fast-paced and quick to complete, prove interesting in their own ways.


Starfield Brownout Quest Ice Deposits
Screenshot by Prima Games
Quest GiverQuest Rewards
Joyce Osaka75 XP
Credits (Leveled)

In Brownout, the local Energy Systems Office is finding it difficult to keep power running to the entire settlement. They’ve discovered large ice deposits blocking the equipment, and you’re just the type of passerby to help clear the mess up with a Cutter.

Special Sauce

Starfield Luthor at New Homestead Chunks
Screenshot by Prima Games
Quest GiverQuest Rewards
Luthor75 XP
Credits (Leveled)
Chunks Beef – Packaged

In Special Sauce, you’ll work alongside Luthor to secure a super secretive sauce that pairs perfectly with Chunks Meals. It’s a fetch quest through and through, so don’t expect anything overly exciting besides a bit of space travel.

Starsap Tours

Starfield Starsap Tours
Screenshot by Prima Games
Quest GiverQuest Rewards
Bill Starsap200 XP

The side quest Starsap Tours in New Homestead has just two objectives: Follow Bill and Speak with Bill. You will literally follow this man around as he provides you with a quick tour of the entire settlement. It doesn’t pay any credits, but it does offer more experience points than most side quests in the whole game.

Tourists Go Home

Starfield Tourists Go Home Side Quest in New Homestead
Screenshot by Prima Games
Quest GiverQuest Rewards
Giuliana50 XP
Credits (Leveled)
Monster Costume

Giuliana is sick and tired of dealing with the countless tourists who come to New Homestead, making fun of the culture and causing trouble. They’re a nuisance. And so, in Tourists Go Home, she tasks you with donning a monster costume and scaring off the wandering eyes!

If the various side quests in New Homestead prove mind-numbing, we recommend tackling Groundpounder. It’s a short jump from Sol and provides much more action!

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