Starfield: Tourists Go Home Quest Walkthrough

We don't take kindly to tourists around these parts!

Starfield Tourists Go Home Side Quest in New Homestead
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For a settlement that lives and breathes based on its tourism industry, you’d think the citizens would tolerate outsiders more. Here is how to complete Tourists Go Home in Starfield.

How to Start Tourists Go Home

Starfield Giuliana at New Homestead Clinic
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To start Tourists Go Home, head down the stairs on the left-hand side of the museum floor and find the local clinic. Inside, Giuliana, the doctor, is waiting for new patients. She’s upset and exhausted from dealing with tourists who injure themselves while exploring Titan. So, she has a plan that requires the help of an outsider. You.

How to Complete Tourists Go Home in Starfield

To complete Tourists Go Home in Starfield, you must don the Monster Costume Giuliana provides you with, then find a tourist group on the surface of Titan to scare away. She hopes that rumors will spread of a terrifying alien stalking the surface, thereby keeping tourists to a minimum.

Tourists Go Home Quest Objectives
Speak to Giuliana
Wear the Monster Costume
Scare the Tourists
Return to Giuliana

Once you put on the Monster Costume, it’s like you take on a new life. Everyone has something to say about the unique outfit, and you feel just a tad more powerful and terrifying.

Anyway, head up the stairs from whence you came and exit the settlement.

Starfield Monster Costume
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Over by the Methane Processing Plant, you will find a group of tourists standing around examining the facility and planet. Of course, as much of Starfield is procedurally generated and varies depending on the playthrough, your group of tourists may be elsewhere.

No matter where you find the group, while wearing the Monster Costume, run after them. They will see you, become frightened by your appearance and presence, and then run away.

Job complete.

Tourists Go Home Quest Rewards

For completing Tourists Go Home, one of the more entertaining quests in Starfield, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)
  • Monster Costume

It’s important to note that to unlock the Monster Costume for everyday use, you must complete Tourists Go Home three times. You will need to wait and return to Giuliana at a future time to scare away new tourists.

Once you’re done with this one, why not visit Paradiso? Besides being an idyllic vacation getaway, it offers a handful of side quests to complete.

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