Starfield: Starsap Tours Quest Walkthrough

A walk through time.

Starfield Bill Starsap at New Homestead
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I hope you enjoy walking and talking because Bill Starsap does both in spades in a very excitable manner. Here is how to complete Starsap Tours in Starfield.

How to Start Starsap Tours

To start Starsap Tours, one of the longest and most drawn-out quests in the game, you’ll have to find and speak with Bill Starsap on the New Homestead Museum floor. It’s down the stairs in the lobby and into the settlement proper. Bill is off to the right-hand side inside a small booth.

How to Complete Starsap Tours in Starfield

To complete Starsap Tours, you must agree to take the tour of New Homestead with Bill, listen to his history lessons of the entire settlement, along with its key locations, and ultimately wind up in the same spot as where you started. It’s a lot of walking.

Starsap Tours Quest Objectives
Speak to Bill Starsap
Follow Bill

You will visit multiple key locations in New Homestead, including:

  • Worker’s Living Quarters
  • Botanical Garden
  • Bio-Labs
  • Wind Farms
  • Methane Processing Plant
  • Ymir’s Horn
  • Ice Mines
  • Brown Horse Tavern
Starfield Starsap Tours
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At each location, Bill will stop to provide a short history lesson and then ask if you have any questions. Here, you can choose a few different dialogue options to gain further insight into the settlement and its people, or you can choose to move along with the tour.

Starfield Ymir's Horn
Screenshot by Prima Games

The most fabulous location, by far, is Ymir’s Horn. It’s located on the surface, outside the settlement, and is a massive rock formation. After that, you’ll explore the Methane Processing Plant, delve deep into the Ice Mines, and wind up at Brown Horse Tavern.

Starfield Ice Mines at New Homestead
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As I said, it’s a long quest. You will not receive credits for completing this one. In fact, you pay credits to start this side quest, and then you can tip Bill an additional 500 Credits. If you do, your followers will like you more.

Starsap Tours Quest Rewards

For taking the tour and finishing Starsap Tours, you will receive the following:

  • 200 XP

Now, that’s a lot of experience points for what amounts to a hike. Is it worth the time? Yeah, it’s actually cool learning about the lore and history of New Homestead.

If you want more action, though, we recommend Groundpounder on Altair II.

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