Starfield: Groundpounder Quest Walkthrough

Prove yourself as the ultimate groundpounder!

Starfield Groundpounder Side Quest
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Groundpounder was one of the first side quests I tackled in my first playthrough of Starfield, and while it’s not overly tricky, those hallways can sometimes become like a maze. Here is how to complete Groundpounder in Starfield.

How to Start Groundpounder

While exploring the various star systems in Starfield, you will inevitably jump into Altair. It’s a small system just north of Alpha Centauri and Sol. As such, you don’t have to level extensively to succeed here; you can visit at level 5 or 10 and still complete Groundpounder.

Starfield Research Outpost U3-09
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But anyway, once you jump into Altair, you’re greeted with a distress call from a trapped soldier on the nearby planet of Altair II. They relay the situation; a group of Spacers has taken over the facility, and she’s separated and requires assistance.

How to Beat the Groundpounder Side Quest in Starfield

To beat Groundpounder, a lengthy and combat-heavy side quest in Starfield, you must track down Private Mahoney, rescue Lieutenant Torres, and Captain Myeong, and then push back the Spacer invasion of Altair II.

Groupounder Quest Objectives
Land at Research Outpost U3-09 on Altair II
Find Private Mahoney
Clear the Spacers Outside the Infirmary and Talk to Lezama
Find and Rescue Lieutenant Torres
Rescue Captain Myeong
Speak to Captain Myeong
Take Your Ship to the Research Camp on Altair II
Eliminate the Spacers at the Research Camp
Speak with Survivors
Speak with Lieutenant Torres
Defeat Spacers in Altair V’s Orbit
Defeat Spacers in Altair I’s Orbit
Land on Research Outpost U3-09
Defeat the Spacer Invasion
Speak to Lieutenant Torres

When you land on Altair II and exit your ship, prep for a lengthy combat encounter. Spacers surround the exterior of Research Outpost U3-09, and they have the landing pad on lockdown. The moment they see your mug, they’ll open fire. In total, you’ll fight approximately ten or so enemies, with one or two around the backside of the center down an alley beside the entrance.

But with the enemies clear, it’s time to enter the research outpost and rescue everyone!

Once you’re inside the facility properly, the first step is to find Private Mahoney. She’s not too far into the facility, locked inside a closet, armed with only a pistol against a group of Spacers. A small handful of enemies will be near her, so travel lightly with your gun up and ready.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Private Mahoney
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Once the area is secure and you’ve spoken with her, Mahoney will explain the situation in greater detail and ask for your help rescuing Lieutenant Torres and the others. But first, she wants your help in clearing the Infirmary of Spacers. And there, you will find Corporal Lezama and a few other civilians who require your assistance. Be wary of shooting friendlies!

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Corporal Lezama
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With the small group of survivors safe, it’s time to track down Lieutenant Torres. Corporal Lezama, inside the Comms Center, will give you a key to unlock the facility doors, except security doors, and you’ll need it to track down Lieutenant Torres on the third floor.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Torres and Dasari
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Outside his room, however, is a large group of Spacers taking cover within the hallway. You must dispatch them first before speaking with Torres. But once you do, he’ll give a little more insight into the gravity of the situation and then ask you to locate Captain Myeong, a UC Marine who landed on the planet to rescue them. She’s trapped further into the facility, and the security key Sergeant Dasari provides you with should help.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Spacer Enemy
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Unfortunately, to gain access to Captain Myeong, you must fight to her position. There is another handful—perhaps a dozen—Spacers blocking the way. And once you’re inside the room with her, a large assault begins from the far corner. It would be best if you worked quickly to clear the enemies from the room before Captain Myeong’s party falls.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Captain Myeong
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With Captain Myeong rescued and Lieutenant Torres and Sergeant Dasari on-scene, it’s time to flesh out the narrative more. It is unfortunate, but the Spacers have no intention of stopping. They want the planet and the entire star system as a base of operations. The group asks you to stop the invasion by eliminating the Spacer Fleet in Orbit. But first, a group of survivors is trapped at a research camp on the opposite side of Altair II.

From the same doorway where the recent Spacer assault occurred, exit Research Outpost U3-09 and enter your ship. You need to take off, then land on Altair II but in a different location. The new research camp is marked on your map and in trouble. A small handful of Spacers have taken hostages, so you must work quickly to eliminate the threat. With them gone, speak with the survivors inside the camp and return to Lieutenant Torres at Research Outpost U3-09.

While the outpost is currently quiet, it won’t remain that way. Torres requests help eliminating the Spacer ships in Orbit around Altair V and Altair I. Both encounters only include three or so ships to fight, and none are particularly high-level.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Space Combat
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With the airborne threat eliminated, once again land at Research Outpost U3-09. But this time, you’ll find it under attack once more. The Spacers have retaken the exterior and the landing pad, so fight them back again. As you remove the ground forces, two ships will land up the hill. Each will drop off a small squad of Spacers, who will likely remain on the hill to fire down upon you. I had to climb the hill and take the fight to them, with some running into the wilderness a good distance to find cover. It was a pain.

Starfield Groundpounders Quest Spacer Ship
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You can rest easy once both ships deposit their troops and you clean up the mess, however. That was the final assault, and Research Outpost U3-09 is free and clear of the threat.

Return down the hill and speak with Lieutenant Torres and Captain Myeong. They both have a few words for you and each other before providing you with a well-earned quest reward!

Groundpounder Quest Rewards

Starfield Lieutenant Torres
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As a reward for completing this lengthy side quest on Altair II, you will receive the following:

As usual, the credits you receive depend on your level. At level 32 on my second playthrough, I received approximately 4800 credits. But the Peacekeeper is the real reward here, as it is a fantastic rifle that scales with Rifle Certification and Ballistics!

If you’re searching for other side quests in Starfield to complete, we recommend tackling Alternating Currents in New Atlantis!

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