The Complete List of All Star Systems in Starfield

Every star system you can explore to make Constellation proud!

Starfield Planet Exploration from Ship
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When Todd Howard claimed Starfield would contain over 1,000 planets, the crowd went wild. It was an unbelievable achievement, and yet here we are. There are a total of 120 star systems in Starfield, with 693 planets and 999 moons in all. That makes for 1,692. If that number isn’t mindboggling enough, keep in mind that some players have landed on and surveyed each one. But for everyone else, here is the complete list of all star systems in Starfield!

Every Star System in Starfield

To claim that Starfield is anything but massive would be the understatement of the year. It’s a truly gargantuan role-playing game with a lot of freedom to explore and exploit these planets to the fullest.

So, whether you’re plan is to build an outpost, collect bounties, or simply survey each planet for Constellation, here’s where to start!

Star SystemPlanets (Moons)LevelUnique Locations
Al-Battani8 (12)35
Alchiba10 (18)50
Algorab3 (5)70
Alpha Andraste6 (1)30
Alpha Centauri4 (8)1New Atlantis
The Eye
Gagarin Landing
Starstation RE-939
Alpha Marae5 (7)45
Alpha Ternion9 (8)60
Alpha Tirna10 (21)35
Altair5 (8)15Research Outpost U3-09
Andromas6 (5)15Safe House Gamma
Aranae5 (6)15
Archimedes6 (6)75
Arcturus3 (1)15
Bannoc4 (3)50
Bannoc Secondus150
Bara7 (10)45
Bardeen7 (13)70
Barnard’s Star11
Bel7 (11)55
Bessel3 (2)30Chunks to Go
The Sonder
Beta Andraste1 (4)20
Beta Marae6 (15)45
Beta Ternion3 (2)40Reliant Medical Organics Lab
Beta Tirna135
Bohr8 (7)75
Bradbury5 (4)20
Carinae5 (9)20CM Station RC-1
Celebrai4 (3)70
Charybdis9 (10)65Crucible
Cheyenne9 (27)1Akila City
Trident Luxury Lines Staryard
Wagoner Farm
Copernicus8 (7)30
Copernicus Minor1 (2)30
Decaran9 (7)60
Delta Pavonis7 (12)25
Delta Vulpes7 (8)50
Denebola3 (5)30
Enlil7 (8)65
Eridani9 (14)20
Eta Cassiopeia4 (5)20Sarah’s Crashsite
Dauntless Crew’s Crashsite
Fermi10 (19)75
Feynman9 (14)55
Focault8 (21)60
Freya9 (8)40Nishina Research Station
Gamma Vulpes4 (9)50
Groombridge8 (18)25
Guniibuu7 (20)20
Hawking6 (5)75
Heinlein7 (16)45Distress Call – Lucky Lu
Heisenberg10 (9)55
Huygens8 (12)75
Hyla8 (14)40MeteoriteTesting Site
Ancient Ruins
Indum5 (10)20Pilgrim’s Rest
Ixyll9 (17)40Eleos Retreat
Jaffa8 (12)35Vulture’s Roost
Kang8 (12)60
Kapteyn’s Star210
Katydid3 (2)75
Khayyam6 (12)40
Kryx1 (6)20The Key
The Lock
Kumasi9 (19)25
Lantana9 (12)30
Leonis9 (8)65
Leviathan7 (3)55
Linnaeus7 (5)45
Lunara8 (17)25
Luyten’s Star15
Maal10 (13)60
Maheo7 (9)1
Marduk9 (9)70
Masada9 (8)75Ecliptic Base
Buried Temple
McClure3 (4)20
Moloch7 (7)40
Muphrid8 (21)15Starstation UCN-48
Narion7 (8)1Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
Krett Research Lab
1-Of-A-Kind Salvage
The Clinic
Stroud-Eklund Staryard
Nemeria7 (12)35
Newton6 (6)55
Nikola10 (9)40
Nirah5 (2)55Ka-Zaal Sulfur Mine
Nirvana4 (3)40
Oborum Prime4 (6)20
Oborum Proxima125
Olympus6 (7)10The Almagest
Ophion1 (1)45
Piazzi7 (14)10
Porrima6 (15)30Paradiso
The Red Mile
Procyon A6 (9)10Temple Eta
Procyon B15
Proxima Ternion4 (4)65
Pyraas8 (13)70
Rana9 (15)65
Rasalhague4 (3)40
Rivera5 (6)35
Rutherford6 (15)45
Sakharov1 (1)15Eklund Excavation Site CL25
Schrodinger8 (14)65The Colander
Serpentis6 (9)55
Shoza9 (11)35
Sirius3 (3)5
Sol9 (21)1Cydonia
New Homestead
Nova Galactic Staryard
UC Vigilance
Deimos Staryard
Sparta8 (13)60
Strix6 (9)70
Syrma7 (11)55Vlad’s Villa
Tau Ceti9 (9)10Tau Gormet Production Center
Lopez’s Farm
The Pup110
Tidacha1 (3)45
Toliman2 (3)5Forward Base 441 (Londinion)
Ursa Majoris3 (3)30
Ursa Minoris3 (3)20
Valo5 (6)5Hopetown
Van Maanen’s Star110
Vega2 (8)25Ecliptic Satellite
Verne7 (10)70
Volii6 (5)5Neon
Autonomous Staryard
Wolf2 (1)5The Den
Xi Ophiuchi9 (14)50
Zelazny8 (10)60
Zeta Ophiuchi6 (13)50
Zosma5 (8)50

As you can see, the highest-level system in Starfield is designed for level 75 characters. Furthermore, most systems are barren planets with resources and randomly generated points of interest to explore.

Along with exploring most of the planets in the game, there are a few things you should do first in Starfield, at least according to the team here at Prima Games!

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