Starfield: Brownout Quest Walkthrough

Chip away at the ice.

Starfield Brownout Quest Ice Deposits
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There is something about totally mundane quests, like restoring power to an entire settlement, that makes me giddy. This is one of those quests, so here is how to complete Brownout in Starfield.

How to Start Brownout

Brownout begins like many of the other side quests in Starfield. You will pass by a citizen of the settlement, and they’ll whisper a rumor, thinking no one overhears, but you’re always listening, aren’t you?

You’ll receive an objective to speak with Joyce Osaka, the local technician running the Energy Systems Office in New Homestead. Go there, talk to her, and help her restore power to the township.

How to Complete Brownout in Starfield

To complete Brownout in Starfield, you must speak with Joyce Osaka, who explains their ongoing issues with ice deposits blocking the energy systems around New Homestead. She will provide you with a cutter if you don’t have one and then ask you to head outdoors into the freezing cold to melt the ice.

Brownout Quest Objectives
Speak to Joyce Osaka
Clear Ice Deposits
Return to Joyce

As I said, it starts like most other side quests. Once you hear about the settlement’s troubles, head to the Energy Systems Office to speak with Ms. Osaka. She’s waiting, all alone in the office, for someone to save the day.

Starfield Joyce Osaka
Screenshot by Prima Games

She says that a cutter will solve the problem. I didn’t have one on hand, but thankfully, there was a dialogue choice stating as such, and she offered the one on a desk behind her. But I had to promise not to damage the machines outside. Easy.

With the cutter equipped, we head outside. There are five ice deposits to destroy, all accumulated on various pieces of energy equipment and machinery, including a few of the wind turbines that surround the main facility.

It’s just like cutting away ore deposits in the mines of Vectera. You use the cutter to laser the ice deposits; they break away, and the job is done.

Brownout Quest Rewards

For completing Brownout, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

For the work involved, the credits were quite lovely. They put me just over what I needed to buy a new ship, which made up for the toil of hard labor on ever-frozen Titan.

Once you finish the handful of side quests in New Homestead, why not fly over to Paradiso?

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