Where to Find Vectera in Starfield

Return to Vectera of your own accord.

Starfield Vectera Moon
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If your goal is to find Vectera in Starfield, whether for a quest or to construct an outpost for its resource-rich environment, tracking down the moon from the game’s prologue quickly becomes muddied. You’ve visited so many unique planets and moons by now, so let us help you track down this one!

How to Get to Vectera in Starfield

Starfield Vectera in Nartion Star System
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Thankfully, learning how to get to Vectera in Starfield isn’t overly challenging, as you can jump to its star system—Narion—from Alpha Centauri or Cheyenne in a single leap. That’s right; Vectera is nestled in the Narion Star System as the second moon of Anselon.

I don’t know about you, but I often overlooked Narion while searching for Vectera. Why? Because I didn’t pay enough attention when leaving the system in the prologue.

What You’ll Find on Vectera

Starfield Vectera Argos Extractors Facility
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There isn’t much going on on Vectera. You’ll find the Argos Extractors Facility from the beginning of the game. Other than that, expect to locate a few procedurally generated points of interest, including several caves. Mine was loaded with caves.

But as a resource-rich moon, you’ll likely find a few mining facilities or factories, too.

How to 100% Survey Vectera in Starfield

Starfield Vectera Survey
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As a moon, Vectera isn’t overflowing with an abundance of life. You won’t find any flora or fauna here, but instead, quite a few necessary resources used in crafting and research.

Planet Traits0

Regarding resources, you’ll find:

  • Aluminum
  • Argon
  • Benzene
  • Nickel
  • Water

You especially need Aluminum for many other resources and crafting writs, including Adaptive Frames!

Vectera Stats in Starfield

System:NarionAtmosphere: Thin CO2
Type: RockMagnetosphere: Weak
Gravity: 0.91Fauna: 0
Temp Type: Deep FreezeFlora: 0
Temp: UnknownWater: Safe

While visiting Vectera in Starfield, remember how to 100% survey planets to find all the valuable resources in the game!

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