Where to Find Washakie in Starfield

Let me take you to planet Washakie.

Starfield Washakie POI
Screenshot by Prima Games

With over 1,000 planets to find and explore, tracking down a single planet is like finding a Digipick in a pile of ore on Cydonia. But if you’re deadset on tracking down a single planet, like Washakie, then consider us your guide. Here’s where to find Washakie in Starfield.

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How to Get to Washakie in Starfield – Location

You will find Washakie in the Cheyenne System, the same star system where Akila City is located, and it’s a short grav jump from Alpha Centauri. You only need to be level one to reach and land on Washakie, so don’t fret about being under-leveled for the area.

Washakie is located directly above the systems’ star, and it’s a small, unassuming planet with very little going on. It’s a mostly barren planet with a few unique resources and a couple of points of interest.

What You’ll Find on Washakie in Starfield

Starfield Planet Washakie
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you land on Washakie, you’ll note the entire planet is little more than a barren wasteland. You have volcanic deserts and frozen deserts, with very little variation in between. But luckily, this is a fantastic planet to build an early-game outpost.

As you explore the planet, you’ll note most of the mystery points of interest are little more than natural constructs. But occasionally, like I did when I recently landed on Washakie, you’ll find a sprawling, procedurally generated fracking station or industrial outpost with numerous buildings. It’s often taken over by Spacers, so prepare for a fight.

If you enjoy collecting every piece of loot in the game, then this is definitely one POI to hit. With its sprawling complex and numerous enemies to best in combat, you’ll walk away with a dragon’s horde worth of loot.

How to 100% Survey Washakie in Starfield

As an explorer, chances are you wish to land on Washakie to survey the planet and sell the data, right?

To accomplish this task, you’ll need to find the following:

  • Flora: 0
  • Fauna: 0
  • Resources: 7
    • Argon
    • Benzene
    • Lead
    • Neon
    • Silver
    • Uranium
    • Water
  • Planetary Traits: 2
    • Primed for Life
    • Sonorous Lithosphere

Despite its outward appearance, Washakie has much to offer the discerning explorer!

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