Where to Buy Adaptive Frame in Starfield

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Starfield Adaptive Frames
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Capitalism appears alive and well in Starfield because even though you can craft most of what you require, there’s still a market to buy and sell resources on each planet. If you have the spare credits, why not spend a few to stock up on adaptive frames? They’re quite helpful in building outposts and researching various items. Here is where to buy an Adaptive Frame in Starfield!

How to Get Adaptive Frame in Starfield

You’ll find various shops selling adaptive frames in Starfield all across the galaxy. Most of you will likely spend a lot of time in New Atlantis, so it’s essential to know that Jemison Mercantile, right outside the spaceport, sells almost everything you need. They offer food, clothing, ammunition, weapons, and resources like adaptive frames.

Starfield Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis
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It’s effortless to find. You want to leave the landing pad, then keep to the right-hand side of the path leading toward the transit. From there, follow the ramp upward and around, still keeping to the right, and you’ll spot it in a corner lot.

Furthermore, you can buy frames from the following vendors:

  • Wen Tseng (New Atlantis)
  • Dietrich Sieghart (Neon)
  • Amoli Bava (New Atlantis)
  • Zoe Kaminsky (Trade Authority, The Well)

As adaptive frames are a common component in Starfield, it’s pretty cheap. You can pick up a single unit for a few hundred credits or a batch for a few thousand. The downside, unfortunately, comes from their size. Frames are heavy, weighing 1.6 mass, so buying in bulk is a fantastic way to overload your weight limit and waddle back to the landing pad.

Crafting Adaptive Frames

Alternatively, you can craft some at an Industrial Workbench if you don’t want to spend credits buying adaptive frames. The formula is quite simple:

  • 1x Iron
  • 1x Aluminum

You should have an abundance of iron and aluminum from wandering about and picking up the occasional loot or mining a few deposits on the way to an objective. If you’re somehow missing both crafting resources, check the ‘Track’ functionality on the workbench to locate some the next time you land on a barren planet!

Adaptive Frames Uses

Once you have adaptive frames, you can visit the Research Lab to unlock the following:

  • Domestication 1
  • Horticulture 1
  • Manufacturing 1
  • Manufacturing 2
  • Power Generation 1
  • Resource Extraction 1
  • Resource Extraction 2

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