How to Get Platinum in Starfield

Platinum Starfield player

Starfield player character standing in front of a rock housing a Platinum vein.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The crafting system in Starfield will eventually call for the use of rare metals like Platinum as you make your way through the galaxy, and as you might expect, it’s not easy to find. Luckily, we’ve been able to find some in our own adventures and we have the perfect location guide for you.

Where to Find Platinum in Starfield

You can get Platinum on the Kapteyn I within the Kapteyn’s Star System in Starfield. This is a small system with only a couple of planets or moons that you can explore, but this one happens to have both Platinum and Vivadium scattered around the surface. We landed on a random spot of our choosing and followed our own path when we came across multiple Platinum ore veins.

Starfield map of Kapteyn I
Platinum Location in Starfield (Screenshot by Prima Games)

To get the Platinum, you need to make sure to have your Cutter equipped, which serves as the pickaxe in Starfield. This is the most headache-free way of harvesting metals around the galaxy. However, you can still use extractors in the Outpost system to pull far more metal from the surface. Just remember that rare metals like Platinum are tougher to locate.

Even as we approached the Kapteyn planet, we weren’t able to find exact locations for Platinum when looking at the surface scans. We had to go the old-fashioned way and search the surface with nothing but our Cutter and our space suit. With the scan, we could still see that Platinum was present, but there were no color markers to work with.

Scanned Platinum vein in a rock in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

Where to Buy Platinum in Starfield

If you get incredibly lucky, you may be able to purchase Platinum from vendors around the galaxy in Starfield. For some reason, most vendors sell a little bit of everything. That means doctors sell bullets, and baristas sell grenades. So, there’s always a chance for your favorite botanist to sell stacks of rare metals as well. There’s a degree of randomness to a merchant’s inventory, so stock and availability may not always be consistent.

Here are a few vendors that tend to carry Platinum:

  • Mining League in Neon.
  • Midtown Minerals in Akila City.
  • Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

These vendors typically have a good amount of the rare metal, and you can purchase it in bulk for a fair sum. If you want to restock or refresh their inventory, you can pass in-game time by sitting in a chair and waiting or sleeping somewhere nearby. Vendors will restock their inventory once every 24 hours, and you can take advantage of this to quickly build up an abundance of Platinum (as long as you have the credits for it).

Platinum Console Command

If you’re playing Starfield on PC, you can always cheat your way to success and use console commands to dump whatever you need into your inventory. Just know that using console commands will disable achievements and are known to sometimes cause bugs. To add Platinum to your inventory using Console Commands:

  • Press the Tilde (~) key to open the console.
  • Type the following code: player.additem 00005573.
  • Press Enter.

If you want to add more than one Platinum, type the amount you would like with a space after the code. For example, if you want 50 Platinum, type player.additem 00005573 50.

What is Platinum Used For in Starfield?

You can use Platinum in Starfield at a Weapon Workbench to craft the following internal weapon mods:

ModEffectRequired Research Level
Hair TriggerIncreased fire rateInternal Mods 1
High VelocityIncreased accuracy and rangeInternal Mods 2
Bullet HoseIncreased accuracy, range, rate of fire, and tracer frequencyInternal Mods 3

While you’re looking for crafting materials, check out our guide on how to get Zero Wire in Starfield.

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